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duttyApril 2, 2012

OK... I posted my full plans instead of just the laundry room. I posted a long time ago and the critique I received almost gave me a heart attack. I had to step away, wipe my tears and regroup. I really changed things A LOT and I'm more prepared today for everyone's thoughts. I want to go to construction drawings ASAP so I'll be heavily in this for the next few days and I would really appreciate any thoughts that anyone can give... even the smallest ideas can make a big difference.

The concept is a new, old farmhouse. Part of the space is designed to feel like the "original" house that we gutted, and then added to. This will be on a 5 acre parcel of farmland. I basically live in the swamp so it's totally flat. There will be a 1 acre pond on the left of the house, over by the porches and formal space. I have a HUGE family, all living around me so we needed LOTS of space for family.

I will say that the one piece of info I gave the architect was "hallways and stairs do it for me... it's all about the hallways and stairs." I'm also about inside views. Meaning, if I look down a hallway, I'd rather see a wall with a pretty table at the end than the side of a couch. I want rooms to be destinations and the house to have "nooks and crannies." Now, all of these wishes are expensive but I think we did pretty good getting the feel of what I want without going overboard.

One major concern I have is the Master. I just don't love the bathroom and closet. I want the closet bigger but don't know how to do it and the bathroom seems like maybe its not well laid out.

I've also gotten some great advice on the laundry/mud room but I'd love some more input. I had changed the laundry layout so that I could add an island. MyDreamHome had posted a great layout if I keep the architect's original drawing but DH still thinks he wants to change the door and make an island. You can see the revised laundry drawings here: my laundry

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The whole house layout helps in understanding how to get rid of one of your mudroom doors. And, I think you can do that (and just use the pocket doors).

But, I am concerned, that you have quite a long ways to go with bags of groceries to any kind of landing zone from the garage... And, I'm not sure the mudroom is really the place for that anyway in your house--the kitchen isn't really that much further, and is a straight shot.

So, you may want to think on how you'll use your counters in the laundry--it may really truly be a laundry folding counter rather than a drop zone. And, then, where will your drop zone be?

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Hi Dutty--I'll look at the total plan a little more closely tomorrow. Wow! Is all I can say right now. How many square feet is it?

I did rework the master bath and closet for you. They are both very similar--basically in the first one there is a large linen closet in that corner that's created adjacent to the makeup area and shower; in the 2nd layout, the linen closet went away, the shower decreased slightly in width and gained in length to include a dry off area.

Hope this helps!

With Large Linen Closet:

With Longer Shower & Dry Off Area:

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Thank you so much Kirk and Dream!!! I was so bummed that my pic had like 80 views yet no one had any thoughts. It made me think either the house has so many issues it was too difficult to tackle OR it was well done enough that it didn't need comments. Since I don't know which one, it was freaking me out! You two are soooo kind to offer your help.

@ Kirkhall - I KNOW!!! I keep struggling with how far we will be walking from the garage to the kitchen... I mean even for taking out the garbage! That said, we tried to figure out another way but the way the lot works and the desire for a formal side vs. informal side made it hard to change. This is my thought... we have an outdoor fridge/freezer that we currently use. When we first do groceries, we sort things in the garage and put the stuff for outside in that fridge. Then, some stuff will end up in that storage room (bulk items) right next to the garage. FInally, what's left will go to the kitchen. It's not ideal but I don't want to give up my long hallway so I've resigned myself to it not being perfect.

As for the laundry, I'm glad you see why we are back and forth about closing off that door. It seems like wasted space to have that big doorway and DH actually likes the idea of those back stairs being completely secret for anyone but close family. I love the layout of MyDreamHome and I'm hoping she will also play with an island for my DH. I just can't figure out if it would work.

MyDreamHome - The home is 5300 S.F. It's TOO BIG but we couldn't figure out where to cut and now it just is... does that make sense?

THank you so much for your efforts!!!! It is so funny that you put a "dry off" zone because I had a Houzz picture saved that had one and I think its so cool. I never could have switched the bathroom up so profoundly and you've given me a lot to think about. Do you have a bigger version of these pics? I can see them and the repositioning of major items but I need to see them big to really absorb it... does that make sense?

The closet is looking really neat. It looks like the hanging space has increased and left more room for the "secret space".

Do you have any thoughts on how you would do an island if you had to in the laundry? DH really thinks he wants one although I'm not so sure. Where would I iron and steam stuff if there was an island. That said, with an island, maybe I could have a gift wrap and sewing station? Hmmmmm.....

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I just viewed your plan. I think it might be hard for some ppl to comment because it is so large and because you have a specific vision of what you think looks good. (Hallways aren't always what someone is wanting. :))

It looks like it will be a gorgeous home. Your dog "shop" and attached dog run are WONDERFUL. I wish my dog area opened up to outside directly like that.

RE: ironing.... are there any solid surfaces that would allow you to iron on the island directly? If not, you should have enough room around your island for walkways.... an ironing board should still fit just fine in one of those walkways.

Do you have a guest bedroom? The office upstairs could be one (or flexible as one,) but there isn't any bathroom accessible up there. The study downstairs could also work, except the full bathroom is quite a trek down some hallways... Unless I'm overlooking a guest space, I think it's a bit weird to not have one. Perhaps one of your kids is moving out soon.....

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Thank you so much loloren!! I really appreciate the feedback.

I get that some people don't like hallways... I like them when they are pretty but not when they aren't. So I just hope mine is pretty. LOL. I'm struggling because I do have specific tastes BUT I don't want to build some ugly monstrosity and I was hoping some folks would chime in and tell me I'm not completely nuts. This is why I ended up looking at stock plans for 2 years and never found anything so I had to go to an architect... he also struggled to get my vision at first.

You did pick up on the one thing we removed from the home. We originally had a "bunk house" that opened to the pool that was a guest suite. We needed to cut back somewhere and after a lot of soul searching decided that the room that will be utilized only a few weeks out of the year should be the one to go. So, our current plan is set up so that when/if we can afford to add the pool house/bunk house back in, it will go on the opposite end of the pool (for privacy) but in the meantime, when guests do come, the girls will bunk together leaving one of their rooms for guests. We do not plan on the rooms being overly "kid-like" so that should work... I hope it does.

As for ironing, I was thinking I could make a foam pad that would go over one side of the island... not sure it would work but it is a thought.

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Dutty- Here are the master suite enlargements. Will post laundry island layouts on other thread in a few minutes. If you could email me your plans in a larger format as a .PDF file or a full-size scanned image file, or resize the pics (making sure room dimensions are easily read) I can work with it better and see if there is anywhere you could reasonably cut some superfluous square footage. One thing I did notice was that there don't appear to be any tub/shower combinations in the house--only 1 tub and it's in the master. I would see about making at least one of the showers into a tub/shower combo--think little grandchildren coming to visit & your kids with their spouses and the grandkids coming to stay for vacation/holidays. Tubs are nice to have with little ones to bathe.

Sorry the layouts aren't closer together--I couldn't get them to line up for some reason. Hope these help!

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THANK YOU!!!!! This is great fodder for me and DH to go over. We are out of town this week with the kids and will be stuck in a hotel room so we will take this and see if we can't start piecing together some better options.

I also should think about the tub thing, you're right. I will email bigger files when I get back at my home puter.

Since you are a regular here, is there anyone else you would suggest that I could ask to look at my plans? Should I post to the individual forums like kitchen? Or does it all overlap? I'm hoping a "flow" expert might chime in. :)

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Dutty-I hope you're having a great time!

As far as anyone else chiming in who is good with 'flow', Summerfield would be a good choice. You can put up a post with Summerfield's name in the Subject line asking for help. If you don't get a response, you can link to Summerfield's page and send an email.

The forums somewhat overlap, but I know there are alot of talented people in kitchens who never post on the building forum. It is always a good idea to post your kitchen over there. You will need to make sure all your wants and needs are specified in the body of your message and include the current layout. I would include a closeup of the kitchen plan, a snapshot of the house plan so everyone can see where the kitchen is in relation to the rest of the house, and any inspiration pics that are relevant.

I don't know why the pic with the dry off area didn't show up big in the last posting--it did in the preview. I'll try it again...

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