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luvstocraftJuly 17, 2011

I had found a really neat metal rooster at the TS. It was hollow inside and had been painted white with some of the paint rubbed off to make it look rustic. (Sorry I didn't think to take a picture.) I just knew it would be the perfect surprise for my friend/neighbor who has been going through a tough time dealing with her Dad's cancer and her recently dianosed RA. No way I could save it for a birthday or Christmas gift--it was perfect for a "just because" gift. Needless to say, she was thrilled with it since she collects rooster items and this one was really heavy and unique. ;o)

Yesterday, they were leaving with their trailer for two weeks in Oregon. I got home from an errand and found this neat gift item waiting for me by the door! I can't tell if it is metal or just ceramic painted to look like metal but it is really neat. Thought you'd like to see it too.


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Whatever material it is made from, it is beautiful. Janet

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Oh, isn't that just 'precious!' Good friends & neighbors are blessings! TFS! Jeanne S.

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That is sooo pretty, but you'd better keep it away from Karen!! LOL

What a great gift and 2 thoughtful neighbors being so nice to one another. Sounds like you each received something you love.


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I agree it's so lovely and I ALSO agree that you should -
Watch Out For Karen! lol
How special to share a friendship where you both think of ea other in such a special way and know you can count on ea other to be there without asking..


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That is totally awesome. I love it. You and your friend are very lucky to have each other.


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Does it say something on bottom. I bought my DD a couple of pieces that were metal when she got married 15 yrs ago Sept. it was very popular & expensive(I thought) A---something 2 words would be on back. Macy's & Nordstrom's had it.Think "Arthur" was 1st word. If it's that it is a metal. Glad she liked the rusty chicken & how nice of her to give you something in return! Sorry you are both going threw a rough patch. Jan

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Luvs, that is a pewter Arthur Court rabbit piece. Its on eBay right now for $40 plus shipping. I have several Arthur Court rabbit items, and they can be rather pricey which is why I don't have more.
Wonderful gift from your friend.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: arthur court rabbit tray

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Marlene Kindred

I knew Karen would know what it was! She's the rabbit Queen! Beautiful tray and what a nice surprise to find too!

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Actually it may be aluminum instead of pewter, sellers describe it differently. The A.C. pieces are HEAVY for aluminum, and loads of detail. They have things other than rabbits, neat stuff. I just saw another dealer had this tray listed for $50!

hugs, Karen

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Jan, the back looks just like the front, with the bunnies engraved on it. I don't see any words.

Karen, now that you mentioned it, I think it might be aluminum. I know it didn't sound like metal or ceramic when I tapped it. It is heavier than the usual aluminum.

If it is such an expensive piece, I can't accept it from her. I'll share the ebay link with her, and suggest that she might want to list this one and make a profit on it. Like the rest of us, she loves to shop the thrift stores and really has a good eye for finding neat stuff.

You ladies are just a wealth of information on all these collectibles! ;o)


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It is beautiful, Luvs. And how kind of you to do this for your friend.

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Luvs, I don't think she'll take it back. I think she will be delighted she found you something special at such a great price.

hugs, Karen

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Luvs, this brought tears to me. Don't ask her if she wants it back. What if it would make her think you aren't appreciative of her gift she choose to show how much she loved your gift to her. I'm sure she knows exactly what she gave you. You are a special, caring person!

I'm so happy for both of you and hope you both enjoy your gifts to each other forever. Special friends do this for each other. BTW, I love your new tray and I know you will love displaying it.


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I agree luvs, I think she would be more pleased to know that she found a gift for you that you will treasure and that you will think of her every time you look at it. Remember the gift of the Maji, and also the widow woman's mite. The real worth of an item is not the issue, but the gift of her caring and friendship makes it worth much more than the monatery worth of it. She would not have given it if she had not wanted you to have it. Treasure your friend! That is the real gift. Hugs Janet

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I'm with the majority here. Don't offer to give it back. Just say how thrilled you are with the piece.

Expensive or not, it's a great item. It will display well on a mantel, don't you think?

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Luvs, I just got to see this beautiful piece from your friend.
I was away taking care of my 2yr old identical twin great nieces.
Please don't offer to give the piece back.
I'm sure it would hurt your friend's feelings.
I agree with OA it would look great on a mantel.

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You are all so sweet. I'm not at all sure she knew that this piece is an Arthur Court or what it is worth--she probably just was browsing at the ts and saw bunnies and knew I would love it! Don't you think she would feel bad if I didn't let her know it's an expensive piece and someday she happened to find out just what she had given away?

I've already told her how special it is and emailed her that link to the one on Ebay. She probably won't care, but I want her to have the option of keeping or selling it if she wants since it is a collectible. The two of us often find things that we think each other would like, usually save them for birthday gifts but sometimes give them just to give each other a little lift in spirits. Yes, I love having a friend/neighbor like that! ;o)


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