construstion adhesive on skin

amounraOctober 21, 2009

OKAY FELLAS; The best thing to use is Ronsol lighter fluid for Refillable Zippo Lighters I just used it to remove the Construction adhesive from my hands and fingers (IT WORKED PERFECTLY no hard scrubbing or nuttin') after trying nail polish remover, scraping sh*t with a serrated steak knife, green scrubbie, olive oil and salt, make up removal cream, 99% rubbin' alchohol (Which turned out to be netter for drinkin than removin' the adhesive) Careful I almost set my Sh*t on fire when I absentmindedly lit a Ciggerbut 'Cause I was Hankerin fer a Smokum Puff-Puff by now!!! Okay All Kiddin aside USE RONSOL LIGHTER FLUID IT CONTAINS NAPTHA WHICH IS PERFECT TO REMOVE EVERYTHING FROM ROAD TAR TO GREASE

Sincerely in God's hands I trust


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Lighter fluid removes lots of stuff...beavh tar, price sticker goo, crayon etc.
But I find it hard to find....seems all lighters now use butane.

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I want to know why all the stores sell zippo lighters and ronson fluids. Why not zippo fluids ?

If they sell Ronson fluids because its cheaper, why dont they also sell Ronson $5 lighters that are perfectly fine rather than the $15 zippo ?

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