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lynninnewmexicoJuly 7, 2010

It's been a busy Summer for me already. We've just gotten home from our 11-day annual vacation back to visit my family in Michigan. I'm slowly getting back into my daily routine after these many lazy days of morning teas with my 4 sisters, mom,DD, 3 SILs and many nieces; followed by shopping and lunch trips into the beautiful little lakeside town with them while the guys golfed. And then long beach afternoons with my entire clan. Now cleaning, laundry and bill paying seem very depressing, so I'm hiding out here today instead ;^D

I haven't done any tablescapes at all lately. Our dinner tables at the cottages ~ six picnic tables for 45 every evening ~ were lucky to get paper plates, paper napkins and plastic cups . . . but the food was wonderful, being a family of chefs and foodies. Did I mention that I now need to go on a serious diet because of it all?

Anyhoo, I'm STILL working on my game-inspired table (hanging my head in shame) but am determined to get inspired again here. DD is spending an extra 9 days with her Michigan cousins, so DH & I are playing empty-nesters for the week. Perhaps a nice romantic table for two should be my next table?

Anyhoo, it's good to be back. I'm having fun looking at all the great tables you've made lately.

Here's a couple pics from last week at the lake (Lake Huron).


Our cottage compound's private beach:

Pretty home in that picturesque town. I can only imagine the kinds of tablescapes I'd make if I lived here!

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Oh my, that sounds like paradise. The beach looks lovely. It must be nice to be able to visit with all your large family like that. The house in the pic looks like a post card and your right, I bet there's a table set for tea in there right now. The forum has been kind of slow, guess everybody is vacationing like you or living in the yard like me. It's good to hear from you and it sounds like you need a little rest after vacation. Also, I know we all love our kiddos, but isn't fun being a temporary empty-nester.

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Good to hear from you Lynn, and so nice to hear that you were enjoying some family time back home. Sounds like you all had a grand time enjoying each other's company.
What a beautiful place on the beach and that cottage reminds me of my Mother's sister's house back in Ohio. We used to visit DM's family every year - also a large family.
I'm sure your DD is enjoying her stay alone with her cousins...I remember doing the same and have many
happy memories of those times.
Seems like everyone needs to 'recoup' after vacations... lol
I think we try to get in so much in such a short time.


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Welcome back Lynn, so glad you had a safe and enjoyable vacation. Lovely beach area and how fun to gather with so many of the family like that. Love that pretty house--wish I could have lived in one like that in my younger years, but stairs are just not appealing to me anymore! LOL Maybe you can squeeze in a couple of leisurely mornings with hubby while you are empty nesters, know your DD will have lots to tell you when she gets back home.


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Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Luvs and Karen have been pretty faithful about posting, but it slows during the summer months. Glad you'll be joining in more often now.

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Lynn, your annual vacation is always Heaven to me! Such a huge group of you, so much fun, and the place looks like paradise for sure.
I can imagine how hard it is to come home and get back into the old routine after that. :o( I'd probably turn into a witch and no one would want to get near me for a good while.

Hey O.A., I was thinking about you....did you know that

July 10th is Teddy Bear Picnic Day!
a popular children's holiday in Canada, Europe, and Australia --- is held every year on July 10. On this day children and parents have tea parties with their teddy bears. ;o)
And then coming up is
July 17th Cow Appreciation Day
July 24th National Day of the Cowboy

Anybody want to play? LOL
hugs, Karen

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Thanks for the welcome back :~)
Yes, although we miss Emily, this week of empty-nesting is turning out to be fun ;^D

Karen, great ideas for tables! Teddy Bear Picnic Day? Sounds like fun! I'm not sure DH would appreciate that table, but I can do one and then change it before he gets home for dinner.
Cow Appreciation Day is one I'll pass on. I don't have any cow decs, and can't see buying any, with my now lack of storage space. . . especially after my time here with all you enablers (LOL)!
Day of the Cowboy would be an easy one for me. Easy, I mean, for the props, anyway.

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Lynn, just use black and white dishes and put a jug of milk on the table for Cow Appreciation Day...

hugs, Karen

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Lynn, beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time.

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Good to hear from you Lynn...and what wonderful renewal time with your family! Sounds heavenly...the place, people & the food! Pics are beautiful! Very cool that DD can spend some extra time there...great memories! You & DH enjoy your time tog! TFS! Jeanne S.

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