Burned teflon pot

marie26October 4, 2007

I burned my favorite large teflon pot. I tried soaking a fabric softener sheet in it but that didn't work. Perhaps it's because of the teflon. Scrubbing and soaking hasn't helped either.

Does anyone know how I can get this clean?

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Try soaking with a tablespoon of dishwasher detergent and hot water. I let mine soak overnight. Everything usually wipes clean. You may need to reseason the pan!

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It may be ruined if you burned the teflon and not just the food.

Telfon doesn't require seasoning...(?)

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I was just going to say teflon doesn't need to be seasoned. Maybe your thinking of cast iron?

I burned a teflon pan once & had to pitch it..it was wrecked. Also teflon gives off a gas if it is sitting on a hot burner and smoking. If you can't get it clean by soaking and using a teflon scrubber on it you probably should just toss it.

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I don't have any teflon pans so I didn't know that they didn't need to be seasoned :) My pans do if they go in the dishwasher. I don't even know what mine are-- were a wedding gift 25 years ago. I think I am actually entitled to a new set after using these so long but hard to justify since these are still fine!

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I think you should throw it away.

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Try sprinkling baking soda on it and then spray with white vinegar and let it soak. If the baking soda hardens, just spray with vinegar again. This is how I clean my oven, it should work on the pan.

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The question is whether teflon is safe once it has been burnt. The research appears to say no, due to the toxic offgassing of teflon. The EPA has ordered Teflon (and other companies that make similar products) to decrease the toxic substances within four years. For now, it looks like the only safe bet it to get rid of the pot. I'm disappointed too, because I just burnt a new teflon pot.

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Someone suggested throwing it away. What metal is it? At our local recyclers aluminum pans are purchased at a higher rate than are aluminum cans.

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I had a teflon saucepan that got burned inside but I continued using it. Until one day I decided to make a lemon meringue pie. I was boiling the lemon pudding filling in the teflon pot. As I stirred, I notied black flecks in the mixture. Burned teflon crud! I tossed it out. I felt so bad, feeding my family foods I'd prepared in that pot burned teflon bits!

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Me too. I also burned the Teflon pot. I just soak it warm water with diswashing liquid. Leave for whole night and you will see the stains at the surface.

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