Need help in cleaning oven

suggiOctober 29, 2008

I posted to the wrong forum and think I worded it incorrectly anyway. I had professional asbestos removal on 10/24 on the 1st floor of my multilevel house and the door to the kitchen was closed but since it was done every time I turn on the burners or the oven I get this terrible chemical smell. I have been opening all the windows, put on all the burners, put on the oven and put in some white vinegar in a corningware dish and left it on all day and it still smells. I finally got brave enough to cook in it and guess it is not toxic but it permiates the whole house and makes me sick. Also, DH has asthma and it really bothers him.

Also, I did a couple of loads of wash (towels, etc.) after the guys were finished and the room the removal was done in still smelled and went into the dryer and all those 1st two loads still smell like the chemical even though I have washed them about 4 times and rinsed them with 1/2 cup vinegar and use dryer sheets. The dryer itself seems OK now as any clothes that were not in those 1st 2 batches do not have the chemical odor -- just the other ones and I can mix them together and it does not seem to rub off on the other clothes being washed with them (I think). It is not very noticeable until you are drying yourself and when the towels get wet it really comes out. Our kitchen range hood is vented to the outside and when the dryer is on the smell actually comes in through the vent so I have to put the kitchen fan on to dry a load of clothes with clothes in it from that night so the smell does not come back in the house. It used to smell like dryer sheets.

I have called the makers of the oven and dryer and they have no suggestions except to tell me to try the cleaning cycle on the oven and open all the windows in case the smell gets even worse. Both the stove and the dryer are electric. Please any suggestions to get rid of the smell in the oven and the clothes would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Given that you connect this to the recent asbestos removal, maybe you should be contacting your state EPA for advice.

What does the company that did the asbestos removal say about all this?

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