Ice Cream Parlor

nana2010_gwJuly 28, 2011

HI Holidayers,

When Punk posted the pictures of her DGD's birthday table it reminded me that I had these cute plates.

I kept it simple, mostly because when a date and I went for ice cream (in the days before drive in soft ice cream stands) the ice cream parlors where plain. Anyone else remember those days? LOL

The other reason is that I couldn't find accessories that didn't overwhelm the dishes.

Doesn't everyone enjoy ice cream on a hot summer day?

hope you enjoyed looking.


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Yup, nana...I just had a bowl of ice cream awhile ago! Your soft color combo here is so appealing ... nice & 'cool' feel. Those dishes are just the CUTEST & they should be the showpiece for the table!

But you found some perfect napkins to draw out more 'em & putting them in the sundae glasses is perfect! What are the little thingy's above each place setting?

The flowered centerpc is delightful, too. I think you could use a solid 'color' t'cloth w/this t'scape, too! Got a yellow or pink one???

As a teenager, I remember ice cream parlors as being 'soda shops' ... black & white square tiles, red bar stool seats & lots of silver metal. TFS, nana! Jeanne S.

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Adorable! I love those plates. If I didn't just order some of Jeanne's red ones, I'd be on the internet trying to tract down some of those. I like how you "outlined" the plates with a black one on the bottom.
Are those thingie's that Jeanne is asking about tiny bowls full of sprinkles?

I like those napkins too!

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Very cute plates! You made me want ice cream now--thanks allot! LOL Love that you even included the sprinkles. ;o) Very pretty napkins, I used to have some dishes sort of similar to them I think. One of the things I donated while on my decluttering phase awhile back. Hope you really got to have some yummy ice cream at this pretty table. Luvs

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Nana your sundae plates are so cute and look great on this table. So happy that my DGD's BDay table reminded you that you had some ice cr plates.

My DGD doesn't eat ice cream w/o sprinkles so you must have little ones like that too. I personally love Butterfinger Blizzards so I'll fill my sundae cup with a blizzard if that's ok.LOL

I don't remember 'ice cream parlors' or 'soda shops' but sure remember staying with GM and waiting for the sound of the ice cream truck. We have a little ice cr truck that comes around playing the music this year and I love it. I hope DGD will be at the office one day when it comes by so we can go out and get treats.


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Sweet table, cute plates, and the napkins are just perfect.
But now I want ice cream too!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks everyone.
Jeanne, those are salt cellars that I used to put sprinkles in.
When I first thought of doing this table I planned to use a tc that matches the napkins, but it just didn't work... Didn't think to use a different color tc Hmm. Most of the ice cream parlors in my area were run by local dairies that made their own ice cream. Some had black and white checkered floors. Usually the table tops were white.

OA, I had the TC and found the napkins recently at a TS. I was really hoping to use them together, maybe another time.

Luvs, After reading everyone's responses I did have ice cream Oh the power of suggestion!
Punk, I'll have to try a butterfinger blizzard. Aren't the ice cream trucks fun? Kids big and small come running when they hear them coming.

Karen, I think the napkins are cute too, but I just noticed that one of them looks like it's melting LOL.

It was fun to do a table that brings back happy memories of younger days. I'm glad you all enjoyed it.


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Oh, salt cellars! Great idea for the 'sprinkles!'
OK, I'm going to go have some ice cream (again) now! LOL! Thanks, nana! Jeanne s.

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Too cute!!
Love the ice cream plates and the colors you used.
For the first time in 3 months, we had rain all day today , and the temp is in the 50's down from 91 yesterday!!!
So I'm not too tempted to eat ice cream right now, LOL.
I really enjoyed your table though and I do remember ice cream parlors.


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