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elyashApril 23, 2012

I am contemplating purchasing either an electrolux or GE induction range (leaning towards electrolux). It will be replacing a dacor downdraft range.


1. Is there any down draft system that I could use behind either of these ranges?

2. How many CFM do these ranges require for their hoods? I understand that a 3000w induction = 21, 5000 BTU, but I am under the impression that induction does not require as many CFMs.

The GE's burners are: 1) 2400/3700w 2)1850/2500w 3)1850/2500w

4)1300/1800w plus a warming zone.

The electrolux burners are: 1) 2,500-3,400w 2)2,400-3400w 3)1900-2600w 4)1500-1900w.

3. This is a peninsula installation so I need the hood to be as unobtrusive as possible. Any recommendations?

4. Best has a hood called CIRRUS which is 500 internal CFM and installed in the ceiling. Any idea if this would work?

Thanks in advance for all the advice.

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You can use downdraft with induction but they are expensive and depending on your local ordinances may need to add make up air system.

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Generally, vertical venting is preferable.

The E'lux slide-in induction range (which I have) is fairly deep. A little less than 2 years ago, I was not able to use existing downdraft venting behind this range, which backs to a wall -- had to vent up, instead. Not sure this applies to the GE, to free-standing ranges -- or still, for that matter.

If you vent vertically, the catchment area above the range top needs to be a few inches larger than the range top, because effluents spread out. This is especially true in an island or peninsula, where air currents are apt to be greater.

I know nothing about the CIRRUS hood.

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a2gemini - can you recommend a downdraft system?
chac mool - I have a peninsula so space for a downdraft is not an issue. Why couldn't you use the existing downdraft?
How many CFMs did you need? Do you have upper cabinets next to the range?

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Yes, I understand you can put in downdraft ventilation, but it's gonna be pretty far from where it needs to be.

Thinking about the downdraft system you're considering, the concern I have is that it will be farthest from the larger two hobs (at least, on the E'lux range). That puts your suction source about 17" away from the center of these hobs. Hard to see how that positioning will be very effective. I guess it would help to add downdraft ventilation units on both sides of the range as well, but I'm guessing you weren't considering that.

CFM is important, but catchment area and the placement of ventilation in relation to the (large) hobs that need the most venting is also very important, and will affect the CFM you need.

I ended up with a Broan hood, about 600 cfm; its adequate. There are full upper cabinets to either side of the range, and small doors above the hood. Your peninsula will be much more open and "windy".

You can find island hoods that raise and lower as needed, but venting from these open locations tends to be more expensive.

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Which Broan hood do you have? I also had the Electrolux slide in (not installed), and a Broan hood on the way (60000 series, 36", external 600CFM blower).

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Personally, I've never bought into the belief that you need less ventilation with induction. Your food still gets just as hot. Grease still vaporizes. Most of the reason you want/need a hood is to vent the combination of steam and vaporized grease through a filter and then outside. This requirement doesn't change with induction assuming you are doing the same type of cooking. The only differences is venting combustion byproducts which should consist almost completely of water vapor and CO2. Neither of which contributes much as compared to the water vapor and grease that releases from the food you are cooking. Now if you said you mostly cook low grease/oil/fat foods and don't saute or stirfry, then downdraft to vent the water vapor is probably sufficient for either gas, electric, or induction. The only other consideration with downdraft with a gas range is the pull of air to the rear of the range can actually blow out the flame during simmer or move the column of heat towards the rear when cooking at higher power.

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I have a 36" induction cooktop paired with a 42" hood that has a 600 CFM rating. I find it to do an excellent job of venting. I don't do much stir frying, but often have 4 of the burners going with frying/simmering/boiling. going on. I also roast coffee under it and that generates a LOT of stinky smoke, which it vents quite well. I totally agree about making it a few inches wider to have an adequate capture area.

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Not at home right now; I forget my hood's number. Its a 30" Broan Elite stainless steel range hood, for against a wall. Its similar, but not exactly like the E6030SS model at AJMadison, because I have wood cabinet doors above the slanted part of the hood and AJMadison's photo shows stainless steel.

A 36" hood over an E'lux induction range will give you more catchment area to either side than I have; that's good. Where I probably could also use more catchment area is above the range front. So, if your model is deeper, that would be great -- I'm thinking mine is 24" or 25" deep, but my memory may be fading.

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I have a 30" slide-in induction range and an overhead hood -- max 400CFM. The only time I have it on max power is when I cook bacon.

It is more than adequate.

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I found your old hood thread. You seem to have the 6430SS, which is 22" deep and 10" high, and a relatively small "capture" section. The 60k series is similar, but 18" high and 24" deep.

My hood is 2" deeper, and I will set it 4" further forward (with SS filler behind). However, my countertops will be 31" wide, so the front of the hood will end up about where yours is, relative to the burners.

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Chac _mool,
You mentioned there are island hoods that raise and lower as needed. Can you direct me to the manufacturers of those hoods. I have looked at over 15
hood manufacturers and do not recall seeing anything like that. BTW, my ceilings are cathedral and are between 11 and 12 feet where I need to install the
hood. That's why I was hoping to be able to use a downdraft.

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You're right, its the 6430SS. I think you'll be fine, but moving the hood forward is smart. A possible concern is how far the hood extends toward the front. Mine basically ends above the front edge of the two larger hobs; its adequate. I'd rather it stuck out an inch or so more -- but then I might bang my head on it. Its a trade-off, this.


I'm not sure if I saw island hoods that could be raised and lowered, or just read about them here or somewhere. Since my range is against a well, it wasn't something I needed, but it was interesting.

Looking online, I found two Mieles: the DA424V and the DA5000D models, with "motorized canopy"; there may be others as well.

[Futuro Futuro's site has a page about putting a soffit in cathedral ceilings to secure an island hood. Perhaps they'll have more information.]

Sorry I can't be more helpful about this.

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You are extremely helpful and responsive!!!! The miele DA424V is gorgeous and would be so perfect except for the price tag of $4500. A girl can dream....Thanks so much for your responses.

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