Japanese style soaking tub w jets?

panchoandleftyMay 2, 2012

We are beginning a Master bath remove, including the replacement of a older, 52" round, 27" deep soaking tub with whirlpool jets. It is fully recessed in a ground floor over a crawl space.

I've always been grossed out by the pipes of the existing tub and had all but settled on a Sanijet. My husband wants something less traditional looking and deeper, like our current tub.

He wants to looks at freestanding (or semi recessed) Japanese soaking style tubs, but he also wants some kind of jet action. I'm looking at the MTI Yume, which is great, but I'd like to know of other options.

Our bathroom has a large, curvy glass-brick wall on 2 sides which calls for a round or oval tub. A square would not be a good use of space.

Ideal tubs would be-

Freestanding (but can be recessed for motor, etc)

Integral Seat

Jetted (air or whirlpool)

Round / Oval

Less than 54" diameter


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Are you wanting the Japanese style stubs where the tub can be filled all the way up & the water can flow over the edge or just something in a Japanese style that is deep with jets?

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Japanese style, not a true Ofuro-- I wish!

Something deep and round, with an integral seat and jets.

The space won't work with a square/corner, or I'd have more options.

the 3 I've found are:

Caruso from Signature Hardware/ Nottingham Brass No clue on quality, 4mm acrylic walls, 48" round, air jets.

Yume from MTI 52" round, air bath. Nice, but very big/expensive

Osaka from Neptune 52", drop in whirlpool. Would prefer freestanding, for the aesthetic.

Basically, My husband wants to sit upright on a seat in deep water. He seems to have his mind set against a regular, traditional tub. I'd love to find something like the Victoria and Albert Sorrento, but he wants jets...


The MTI Yume says it takes max 160 gallons, but the dimensions are exactly the same as our current Pearl Baths. Filling, even after a shower, has never been an issue with our 119 gallon tank. I don't think we typically fill all the way to overflow.

I appreciate the help SO much.My whole bathroom remodel is being held hostage by DH's desire for a tub that isn't a tub.

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We have the Sorrento, and I can tell you I don't miss jets. They're loud and unsanitary. I love our tub!

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I'm with you on the Sorrento. It's beautiful. The reason that we are pulling out the existing whirlpool soaker is because I find the pipes to be creepy. That said, the jets are VERY important to my husband, who will be the primary user. I'm a shower gal.

I thought I'd settled on a Sanijet for him, but he thinks they are too shallow and too tub-like. Duh!

Please keep the ideas coming!!

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Have you checked out the Bain Ultra tubs? Their tubs have air jets on the bottom. My parents have one and those jets are very therapeutic for sore backs/muscles if you like more of a "deep tiisue" like massage that you would get from jets like in a hot tub. Bain has several Japanese style tubs with the seats. The new Amma oval free standing tub looks awesome. Also, I would not rule out square or rectangle tubs just because you have a curvy wall. It's really all in how you display the tub (provided you have the space to handle the tub's dimensions), IMO. Bain's Tekura is a really cool tub with a seat & teak legrest. What are the dimensions of the space where the tub will go?

Hope this helps!

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Thanks- Yes, we looked at Bain Ultra and they do have some gorgeous tubs, but they are all air tubs and he wants more of a traditional whirlpool.

From what I understand, air-tubs have a gentler all-over massage while whirlpools are more targeted, deep tissue.

I never thought this would be so tough!

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I would say the Bain Ultra tubs (don't know about other brands of airtubs) are just as powerful if not more so than whirlpool tubs--I'm comparing my Mom's Bain Ultra air tub to our Kohler whirlpool as well as the no-name whirlpool tubs we have experienced while on vacation. Yes, you can get a more targeted massage from a whirlpool, but only if you position yourself just so & directly in front of a jet. If you can afford it, there are several hotels/bed & breakfasts that have the Bain tubs so you would be able to try them out and see if the Bain tubs would work for your DH (+ you get a mini-vacation out of it!) If he's wanting a back massage, then I would suggest a tub that has jets all up & down the back rest.

The Kohler River Massage Tub looks pretty awesome too!

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OK, I've been blaming it on my husband, but I'm just not a fan of the air bath experience. I'd prefer a soaker, but if I have to get something with action, I prefer targeted jets. I find the "whole body" massage of air baths kind of annoying. Its just not my thing

. I do like to put my foot or shoulder directly against a water jet for a deep massage, then move out of the way... I like whirlpools with 6-8 jets that I can choose to use for a few minutes in a specific area, or not

The Kohler Riverbaths look great, but the round ones are too big. We need to stay under 55" (round)

I like the Sanijet 660, but my contractor is weary because of feedback he's had from another vendor. They say they installed one for a client, but when there were problems it was difficult to resolve because there wasn't a local contact to take responsibility, no local service people familiar with the product, etc.

Currently looking at Duravit Blue Moon. Anyone with experience or other suggestions? Cost is high, but installation costs would be lower than other options because it comes with a deck and has te same footprint as our existing tub.

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We have an Ann Sacks Onzen tub (called something else now - maybe just Soaking Tub). Comes with or without jets. We got with. Two built-in seats at different heights. It meets the specs you're looking for and did not cost a fortune.

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