Microsuede furniture

aubrey1279September 3, 2008

I have microsuede furniture. I read on a website that each microsuede furniture has a different code. I looked on my tag on my couch and it says S. It states to use a solvent only, no water. The problem is that I have rings on my couch from my dog licking her paws and missing the blanket she was on, so she licked the couch and left a ring. I have tried alcohol and that has not taken the ring away. I have tried a baby wipe, and bissel oxypro cleaner. Nothing has taken the rings away. Does anyone know what to do next? I was wondering if I could steam clean the furniture. But if my furniture says not to use water, would it work? This is why I have not used soap and water. I have a Bissell Little Green cleaner, I thought about using, it sprays the area and then sucks up the water. I just really do not want to make it worse. I need to get rid of the rings. Sorry this is so long, it's just that this is new furniture and it makes me sick to see it this way. Can someone please help?


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Since it is so new, call the manufacturer or store where you bought it, they will tell you which solvent to use.

Our microsuede furniture wipes clean with a damp cloth, we were specifically instructed NOT to use anything but water and it looks brand new. Since water would be much easier on the fabric than any cleaner you may as well give it a shot. I have never heard of using alcohol to clean any fabric, was that recommended? Just dampen a rag with plain water (no soap), not too wet, and scrub back and forth, not in a circle. Unfortunately if the wrong thing is used it can set a stain instead of helping it.

Good luck, I hope your stains come out!

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My microsuede sofa/loveseat set was originally protected with scotchguard and water usually takes off any dirt that may get onto it. I have also used a damp cloth with a very small amount of watered down Shout stain remover added to it (the cloth) to help remove the more stubborn stains. I would try using only water first.

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If you can remove the cushion do so, try cleaning it from the back first. Use a lot of water then let it dry, if it comes back visit WWW.oxifresh.com and have them clean it.

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