I'm thinking Christmas in July!

luvstocraftJuly 14, 2010

Starting to get hotter here, and those of us who like to paint (and are often slow) usually try to start a few Christmas projects in July. Serves two purposes, gets things done before the Christmas rush and lets us think about cool snow when it's hot outside! LOL

Here's my latest little project. Haven't been painting much and I can tell. The more often I paint, the easier it is--when I don't paint for awhile it's more of a struggle.


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CUTE, Luvs!!! The colors are un-Christmasy enough to use all Winter, too. I admire your determination, painting things like this in July; I can't begin to wrap my brain around Christmas or even Autumn yet. But you're right; You'll be ahead by getting some decs done early.

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Luvs, that is adorable and really shows your sense of humor. I think it's great to have a hobby that keeps you going all year long. Planning ahead is a very admirable quality! I'm heading off to ski country in New Hampshire tomorrow to visit a much-loved uncle. You can bet I'll be stopping along the way for some early Christmas shopping! You go girl! :)

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These snowmen are so cute and whimsical Luvs!
They sure take your mind off all this heat.
I too think with these colors, you could use this tray all Winter...not just Christmas.
I have to agree with Lynn..it takes determination to paint something for Christmas now. With all this heat, I'm grateful to just get my cooking and cleaning done.
I have a few pieces of chalkware Santas that I made a couple of months ago that are waiting to be painted. When I made the molds..I thought they would be a nice project to finish during the Summer. I hate to admit, they are still sitting in the attic, waiting for me to get going. Seeing your pretty Christmas tray...has made me feel guilty...But, has inspired me to FINISH THEM!
Thanks for sharing this...and, keep going...because you keep US going!!


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Good for you! I am still trying to keep up with the garden! Haven't thought about Cmas at all.
I was in CTS Sunday, and they did have a few Cmas things out. Not much, some cards. I don't like to rush things!
Your tray is delightful! Wonderful colors too!

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O how cute!
I love that the colors are so non-traditional. I'd like to be thinking "cold" right now as it was over 100 with the heat index and I had to be out most of the day for a funeral service. I don't intend to hope for cold yet as I'll freeze at my wedding but a little less than we have now would be sooo nice. lol
I did actually think of Christmas decor the other day and looked over to see my mortified vacationing FH giving me "the glare". LOL didn't bring that up any more while he was home.
As usual, I'm changing color schemes this year with all new stuff so I really do need to get to work on the new pieces but I may need a boost.

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Way to cool Luv! Just what I needed. I caught the tail end of HSN's Xmas in July yesterday. Not to much of interest. :( Ten more days until QVC. It is always fun looking. I finally changed out my seasonal wreath of ornaments, it's the beach theme. I can only image that cool breeze.

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We are up into the low 90's now so not terrible yet, just enough that any yard work needs to be done early morning or evening and try to stay cool the rest of the day. I'm going to cut out a few more pieces so I have things ready to work on when I want. I don't know what I would do without my crafts--they keep me sane! LOL

Not really trying to rush the season, but I enjoy painting Christmas things and when I can match a piece up to a pattern I've been wanting to do--I might as well get at it or it will never get done!

Not sure if I will be keeping this one or not, have a new friend with a cupboard full of teapots, so it might end up on display in her cupboard. ;o)

Thanks for looking, can't wait to see your projects too Jane.


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Aww, they're in a teacup and saucer! Perfect!

I'm with ya about Christmas. I've already bought some sprays for the tree and tall votive thingys for large candles with Christmas colors on them. I may leave them out all year since my house is decorated in those colors!

Bring on the cold weather, I'm more than ready!

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CUTE, cute, cute! And definitely more a Winter decoration than just Christmas with those darling colors. Your friend would LUV this I'm sure.

I shop for, look at, Christmas stuff all year long. I seem to be adding to my Nutcracker collection lately. Y'all saw the new Cookie Chef one. Well I'm waiting on a Zim's Toymaker to arrive any day, and am bidding on an Elf one on eBay that ends tomorrow night. I'm wanting "different" ones at this point of collecting.

Like you, I'm not hurrying Christmas. In fact I dread tackling all the decorating this year as I've become more physically-challenged the past 6 months. But I want cool weather, which we don't get till NOV. Its 114 today, supposed to be 116 tomorrow. Ugh.

Keep on painting those 'cool' things. LOL.
hugs, Karen

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We got up to 103 today! Then just a bit ago, the wind whipped up and we got the nicest unexpected showers! Hopefully the showers will cool things back down a bit-I've still got vines to be trimmed, and won't do them in the heat.

Only a couple months of the heat, then temps will hopefully be mild again--I like cool but not cold! LOL

I painted some roses on a little overnight case today that I've had sitting around for a year. Not sure what's coming next, sorta depends on when it's cool enough to work in the shed where the saws are housed.

Good for you, Karen, glad you found more nutcrackers that you liked.


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Luv it, Luvs! And how fitting for a t'scape...a cup & saucer! You are good! Ditto to the comments about the colors..winter-y & wonderful!

Hot here, too & very humid...been gone a few days but couldn't really enjoy the outdoors...so people visited instead. Not thinking of Christmas yet (except like PM, I'm always on the hunt for presents all yr round).

Keep up the good work! And TFS! Jeanne S.

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Oh, Luvs. I'm dying with the heat. I'd been walking Euclid every evening, but it's just been too overwhelmingly hot to continue.

Your tray is precious. Love the colors. It does get me to start thinking about Christmas. I like to get a little ahead too - mostly like PM, I like to get a little shopping in so I'm not so pressed for money in December. But you've got me thinking about decorations as well. I'm going to try and catch the QVC Christmas segment.

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I was craving cold weather last night so I used my new Christmas Hurricane candle covers with some red candles, set them on the mantel & turned all the lights out and pretended it was Christmas and cold outside!

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Oakleyok, that is too funny! Hope it made you feel cooler seeing your pretty red candles glowing like they would if it were Christmas. ;o)

OA, I've been trying to walk mornings and evenings lately. The most I do is a 2.4 loop around my area with one long uphill section! The morning walk is shorter because I take the two dogs on that one. I'm having to get out earlier in the morning now and later in the evening for sure. I don't do well with heat, and am so thankful for the breeze we usually get.

Jeanne, I have family in the Midwest in northern Mo. and they said it's been hot and very humid from all the rain they've been getting. Said some lakes have even flooded. Hope that's not happening where you are there in IA. As for the cup and saucer, that's what made me want to paint this design.

I painted some roses on an overnight case I had picked up cheap a year or so ago. Just not that happy with it, wish I would have done it with stripes or something then the roses--might end up doing it over.


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Here is a picture I took just minutes ago. It is over my outside fireplace. At no time during the day does it receive direct sunlight. But STILL . . . look what the heat did to the candles!

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Oh Oh! I had that happen to some of mine one year when I had packed them with the Christmas decorations and stored them in the outside shed! Might be time to look for those faux pillar candles that are battery operated for out there!


P.S. Their "droop" is about how I feel in the heat! LOL

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