Single hole with escutcheon plate? Am I going to hate it?

FamCookMay 6, 2014

I found the most beautiful piece of honed gray with some black and white swirls granite. Almost looks a little marble-esque. The cabinet is stained black and it looks gorgeous together.

I am on a budget, so this is a remnant turned 43" top with a undermount sink for $300. Seems like a great deal, but it is drilled for a 4" center faucet. I really prefer the 8" widespread faucets. The lady at the kitchen place suggested a single handle faucet with escutcheon plate. I was thinking maybe the delta cassidy pictured.

Is it going to look bad with the plate? Should I hold out for a 8" widespread, although I was told this granite will be unlikely to come back in?


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Found this picture. I guess the trouble I'm having is I have never had a single handle with the plate. I prefer two handles, but I feel like a 4" facuet may look wimpy.

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There are numerous, very beautiful 4" center, widespread, single hole and wall mounted faucets available in every style imaginable. Find one of those beautiful 4" center faucets. A nice faucet as pictured will be diminished with a cover-up plate. If you can't afford to buy exactly what you want and are on a tight budget, go with what fits.

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Is it possible to have the other holes added to the granite to fit the 8 in spread faucet?
If not, I think I would skip the plate and find a single hole faucet you like. I really like the one you showed - definitely better without the plate.
(bonus - most single hole faucets are less expensive than their widespread versions!)

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Also you can always see how it looks with and without the plate before you install it.

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Single hole faucet, and soap dispenser, if you can find one small enough.

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Thanks for the answer, but the top is already drilled for a 4" centerset faucet. Any suggestions on a cool looking 4" faucet kind of like the single above?


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Doh! I guess my coffee hadn't kicked in yet, sorry.

The Cassidy comes in a 4". Have you seen the Moen Vestige? That is a similar look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen Vestige 4

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The escutcheon plate looks fine, which is how your bank account is going to look when you accept this small trade-off.

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I share Trebruchet's sentiment. LOL

I have a 4 inch centerset faucet. Like you I would have preferred an 8", but the 8" I wanted would have cost 10X more than what I ended up buying on eBay. I was looking for a pullout faucet (as I thought it would make hand-washing delicates easier), the 8" AS Green tea would have been close to $700, I bought this Price Pfister one for $68 including shipping. Personally I get great satisfaction from saving so much money and still getting the function I wanted. Ironically I had the opposite problem in my guest bath. I bought a premade granite top at a good deal only to find it had 8" centred holes and my faucet was a 4" centerset! Never did end up taking the faucet back...LOL...unfortunately style and finish wasn't going to work in my Master BR.

What I did find however, is that I would have liked the spout to reach further into the sink so that would be my recommendation is to look for a fairly long spout.

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I prefer 8" widespread too, but in this case, there are compromises to be made - since you love the granite so much, get it and the single hole faucet like the one you pictured. I'd personally skip the escutcheon - why is it necessary?

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agree with sj, why do you need an escutcheon plate?

When I was shopping for faucets I was open to both a single and widespread. I like the look of both. The faucet I liked best in my price range was widespread, so that formed my decision.

The faucet in your first photo is beautiful.

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I completely agree with raehelen and trebruchet.

That fabricated stone price is really good, and if you wait for another piece it 1) may not be quite as pretty or 2) may be much more expensive.

It the scheme of things, it will look fine and once you put everything together, you'll be surprised it probably wont even bother you. As an alternative, you could do a soap dispenser in one hole and a hole cover on the other, but I think the escutcheon plate would look more delibrate and planned so I'd do that.

As far as the faucet - I just got two Delta Cassidy for my master bath build and installed them this week.

(I got the 1997LF version which is just like that one but a few inches taller and is called a bar/prep faucet. Needed a little more height since I have semi-recesesed sinks) and they really are GORGEOUS looking in person, especially at the price.

Every remodel is a bit of give and take -- For example, I wanted undermount sinks, but due to drawer configuration in the sink bases, it was near to impossible, and "settled" with Decolav Semi-Recessed. Looking at them now, I wonder why I was so doubtful since they look spectacular.

Sometimes having to shift the vision makes it even better :)

Don't sweat the small stuff, get the granite piece you love, at the price that's too good to pass up, and pair with the great faucet (Even with the escutcheon plate). It will look great.

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and a hole cover on the other

The other what? There is only one hole.

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Just realized, my title is not correct. A single hole faucet in a 4" centerset cutout. My options are using a single hole faucet with an escutcheon plate or a 4" centerset faucet. I prefer widespread, but the holes are already drilled and its a great deal for this piece of granite.

Thanks, I'll respond more later, but getting dinner ready for 5 kids at the moment!

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OK, that makes a difference! I'd vote for the single with escutcheon plate then.

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Jrueter - thank for the suggestion. I do really like the look of that one!

Trebuchet - thanks, i always appreciate your advice to others and now im benefitting directly!

raehelen - so helpful to share your experience, I appreciate it. I'm definitely going to check spout lengths.

Kjo_tx - You are so right about the give and take, thanks for the reminder! I had to look up your sinks, very pretty, I think I may just go with the cassidy with the plate and be happy I'm getting such a cool piece of granite. Would love it for my whole kitchen, but that's another story. Haha

Sjhockeyfan - always good advice. Thanks!

If I missed anyone, thank you all. I appreciate the time and thought involved. I have learned so much in the past six months reading and posting on GW!

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My DH wanted wide set faucets in our bathroom remodel but the plumber mistakenly told the templater that we we using a 4" center set. We failed to notice it when we signed off on the template.
My husband was pretty upset when he came home to see the granite installed with the holes for 4 inch center. He thinks that 4" center set faucets look like inexpensive builder grade items. The plumber offered to replace the granite but we didn't want to deal with that so we ended up doing a single handle faucet with escutcheon plate.
I have lived with the escutcheon plate for 4 years and I can honestly say
it hasn't affected our lives at all. I can also say that no one that looked at our remodel asked us why we used an escutcheon plate.
While you may not ever love the escutcheon plate I don't think you will hate it for forever and ever. You will just learn to accept it. It sounds like your bathroom is going to be beautiful. Be sure to post pictures when it is done.

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Badgergal - well, that makes me feel better. You know, I'm sure I won't notice it and might end being happy with a single handle since its for a half bath that will be used A LOT for my kids running in and out from the back and guests.

Thanks, I'm going to go with it. If I hate it, I can change it in 10 years. :)

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kjo, do you have a picture of your semi-recessed Decolav and Cassidy bar faucet somewhere? I was thinking of doing the same in our guest bath, but didn't know if it would be weird to use the bar faucet.

Sorry for the highjack, FamCook! It sounds like you've made your decision, though. I would do the same. Can't wait to see it finished, the granite and black cabinet sound lovely :)

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Errant --

Sure! There's a few other pictures on the thread about my bathrooms (Linked below) but here's some quick shots when we were doing installation.

And then the one that mattered the most for me -- The handle doesn't touch the sink as shown in this picture.

I think the height works well with the raised sink. It probably would be fine with the normal ones as well (They're under 2" shorter if I remember) but I do like the extra "oomph" that the height brings.

There is some minor splashing if washing your face/etc - but I'm always seeming to splash the counter doing that, so I don't find that unusual. The other benefit to them is that they were approximately $50 cheaper than their smaller counterpart when I ordered them, so that helped to offset the cost of the pop-up drains I had to install with the semi-recessed, no overflow, sink. (I did cut there as well and opted for a Vigo drain for about half the price of the Decolav one)

Here is a link that might be useful: KJo Guest and Master Bath Thread

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Thank you!

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