Replacing door of Bosch SHU9916UC dishwasher?

cmjncApril 3, 2010

We have a Bosch dishwasher (shu9916uc) with a black door. We'd like to replace it with a stainless door. Does anyone know if there are models that offer stainless doors that would fit this model? It doesn't appear that they offer a replacement stainless door.



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I don't think anybody does that anymore. YOu used to be able to buy machines with 4 color choices (black,white, almond, bisque), but not anymore. If you want stainless, you're going to have to buy a new one. Then sell the old one if it's ok on craig's list.

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You can EASILY change it. Go to any appliance parts website and they can tell you what parts to purchase.,, lots of places. Any part of any appliance can be replaced!

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You can probably get the panel straight from Bosch.
Your model SHU9916UC the last number ( 6 = Black ) is the color. Look up your model on Boschs parts website but use a 5 instead of 6 and you will have the stainless door model. I believe your SS panel is part number 217062 but you should look it up to be sure

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I currently have a Thermador dishwasher w/ a custom panel. I'm tired of the panel and have ordered a stainless steel door panel that fits current Thermador dishwashers. I'd call Bosch or go to an appliance store & have them look up your model. It was much cheaper than replacing the entire DW.

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When I asked about this, my local appliance guy just handed me a Thermador door to put on my Bosch. For free. Just had it lying around, and said it would work easily. The thing was little more than a stainless skin for the actual door. The hidden button bar remains.

He said the Thermador door and the Bosch door were identical except for the handle and when I got it home, it sure looked like a match. All the screws were in precisely the same places. Slide the old skin off, and the new one on. In the end, I took it back and decided just to order a new DW for my reno, as my Bosch is 8 years old.

A word of warning. Your black DW must be properly recessed, so that nothing save the door's edge is showing. My white one is not -- I have about a quarter of an inch reveal which irritates me no end. Part of a honked-up half reno from 8 years ago. Good luck.

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You are incredibly lucky to get the Thermador door. I believe that contacting Bosch is more expensive than contacting an appliance part site. Plus Bosch would say it can't be done to get you to buy a new item.

ANY part can be replaced, from the front door to a single screw. There are blow ups of parts of every model on and it tells you part number and price. Then you can price around at other parts places. Just google appliance parts.

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You commented that the last number 3 on someone's model # was the color, and told her how to change the number to get a new stainless door.

My model is SHE44CO2UC/43. It's white. What would I change to make it stainless? Thanks so much

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@sosdogs - your model SHE44CO2UC/43 has 02 which means that it's white. Look up a SHE44CO5UC/43. The 05 is the SS model. the SS panel part number I believe is 478778.

You can look this up on Bosch's website.
Put the first 6 letters and number in the search term window SHE44C and you will see all the matching color combos.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch parts website

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Boy, Bosch/Thermador are not gonna like what we started. ;-) And I expect any handy-dandy independent appliance repairman could order the part and put it on if someone needed it.

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Jakvis 478778 it is, for anywhere from $128 - $144. Of course, by the time you add the control panel and buttons and handle it's $255-$290. Can you recommend any one place that is the cheapest? So far it's at 255.49 incl s/h. Expensive but much cheaper than buying a new Bosch stainless dishwasher!

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Actually, Bosch quoted me $200 or so 4 years ago when I did my kitchen, for a new stainless steel door.

In the end I didn't think it was worth it and kept the white door, but certainly at that date they were perfectly happy to do this.

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sosdogs Why not just buy the SS panel and leave your controls alone. White on stainless is supposed to be the hot new trend. You'll be riding the crest of the wave.

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When you said white and stainless, I started looking up if stainless was out. Last fall it appears that Whirlpool made ice white and tried to say that it was replacing stainless, but I can't quite tell if it caught on. Why do you say white and stainless is the new trend? Is there any evidence that people are going to white, cause all my appliances are white so why would I change them to stainless if it's out and white is the new trend? All I have is a KA double convection oven in stainless (with black predominating on the windows) and a black glass cooktop. Fridge, compactor and dishwasher are white. Should I change them or no? What do others think? for your help!

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It used to be that you would see all stainless or black and stainless, a couple years ago some of the companies started showing white and stainless and it seems to be catching on in some areas.

Nobody's twisting your arm.

You mentioned that it was expensive to replace the control panel pieces along with the outer door. I'm just saying to try the outer door first with the white controls you already have. If you like the look you've saved some money. If you decide you don't like it then buy the silver control panel.

Personally I like the white and stainless as i think it has a fresher, lighter look than all stainless or black and stainless.

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Yes, as I said, Whirlpool tried to start the "ice white" and "black ice" trend. As far as i can tell it didn't catch on. I had my friend who sells restaurant appliances ask her suppliers what is being sold to homes, and they said still stainless.

The only reason I wouldn't leave the panel white is that the glass on the Bosch cooktop is black and the glass in the KA double oven is black (lots of black glass trimmed in stainless), so there's really no white left if I change the fridge and dishwasher. If I left it white the dishwasher would have the only white in the room aside from woodwork.

Just not sure if it's worth $255 to change the door of a 5-6 yr old Bosch dishwasher. It works fine but who knows for how long?

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On average a D/W lasts about 9-10 years with average use. Make your decission based on a 10 year life expectancy.
Appliance life expectancies can be found on the Consumer Reports website. I've added a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appl Life Expect

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We are only two and only wash once or twice a week. What is "average use"? Thanks so much for your help

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I believe the average is based on a family of 4 and for a D/W that would be an average use of 5-7 time a week.

But you can't go only on usage. Some materials start breaking down with age, water types, etc..

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