Counter depth french door

mpatel1080April 16, 2014

We are looking at a counter depth french door fridge for our new kitchen and are between the LG LFX25991ST and the GE cafe counter depth.
We want a unit with dual evaporators. The LG feels a little better built than the GE and the normal depth version of the fridge was highly rated by CS.
Does anyone have any real life experiences, or have any other recommendations for a unit with dual evaporators?

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I've seen these in the stores, and the one thing I don't like about the LG is the way their water/ice dispenser are. To me, I like the dispenser on the GE Profile PYE23PSDSS best between them. The hot water on the GE Cafe didn't interest me.
These GE models just came out last year, and the only negative comments I've seen is that some say they are louder than other models.

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I don't like the gasket on gasket French door design on the LG.

The one thing LG has going for it is that people with super sensitive hearing say these are the least annoying to their ears.

There is usually a racket going on in my house with at least one tv on so I would go with the GE.

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I have read in a few places that they have fixed the issue with the door gaskets continuously this what you were referring to, or is there another issue with the gaskets?

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