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creekdwellerJuly 28, 2011

Hello everyone,

I know this is a holiday forum, but, you folks are always so helpful. And, good decorators always know these things.LOL

I am in the market for a new mattress. I would appreciate your opinions, suggestions, or advice on brand or make.

We have looked at sterns and foster, and sealy.

Please help!!



P.S. You all are in my prayers and thoughts....

So much going on now.

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Wish I could help, Creek, but all I know is a friend who swears by her "Sleep Number" one.
Personally I'm looking for a CLOUD to sleep on, the darn Fibro makes any mattress feel like solid rock. LOL.

Hope you are doing ok, you're in my thoughts and prayers too.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen, so sorry to hear about your Fibro. I have that too. Bummer!!

Thank you for thinking about me. You are so kind, I think about you as well. How are you? I miss my Mama so much. As I am sure you do your Daddy. No one would ever take their place.

My Daddy is doing as well as can be expected at this time. Physically he is great. He looks good, just gets a little mixed up on things. LOL I think I have that too!!

Take Care and Thanks for your reply. I'll keep looking..


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Creek, we put a sleep number bed in our motorhome and it is very comfortable--but doesn't look too pretty when made up because DH likes his side really soft and I like mine firmer--makes the bedspread look funny!

At home we have Tempurpedic mattresses on our adjustable beds. I love the Tempurpedic. Of course there are so many choices on the thickness of the mattress. Just have to try them out to find out what works best for you.

I know allot of people prefer the high end regular mattresses too. I think the ones with the pillow tops would be really comfortable. Again, I think you just have to be willing to go try some out to see what feels best to you. Many have a 30 day trial period so take advantage of that for sure.

Glad your Dad is doing okay, he is so lucky to have you to help him now. Take care of yourself too, try to do at least one relaxing or fun thing each day to keep the stress at bay. Come chat more with us whenever you can.


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Thanks Luvs for your reply. You all are so sweet and thoughtful.

We have looked at mattresses. There are so many choices, I get confused. The pillow tops are nice, but, we have been told by people they are not good in long term for back aches.
Not enough support, I think.

I appreciate the chat invite. I just don't think I can compare my decorating to you folks. Your just too good!!
I have seen some of the site that others have recommended. They "ain't got nothing" on you folks. You guys are wonderful and have the "best-est" imaginations.
And I disassembled my dining room to make Daddy a bedroom. So my decorating space is limited.

Keep up the fabulous work everyone. Know you all are busy, but I miss seeing all the post...

If I could remember how to post pics, I think we would take another bus ride. That was so much fun!!!!!!

Take Care,


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I'm a big Tempurdepic fan - a big fan. Gives very good support.

Creek, you don't have to post a tablesetting to chat. Just drop in and say hello once in a while.

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