Problem with Bissell Steam Mop

maydlSeptember 4, 2008

I used my new Bissell Steam Mop for the first time today, and after mopping two tile floors I found that there were FOUR round holes in the mop head, each the size of a pea.

I'm going to contact the company about this, but has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone make their own microfiber mop heads, rather than buy the manufactured replacements? If so, can you share the pattern and technique?


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If your floor is like mine you have an anti skid surface that chews up mops and anything cloth. I have two floor mates with brush attachments that suction up the dirty water. They both work like charms to suck up the water in the dirty grout joints.

You could call the 800 # and Bissell would probably send you a replacement but the same thing would happen unless you used it on a tile floor without anti skid.

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Thanks, mulchmamma. My porcelain tile is textured and naturally non-skid, but it didn't have a special non-skid surface added, which I know from the dealer is an optional treatment. I've sent an e-mail to Bissell asking what to do about this development.

BTW, I think the structure of the mop is at least partially to blame, because the holes developed in a pattern: one straight row of three holes, with a fourth hole exactly three inches above the middle hole in the row below.

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