Amazing cleaning tip. Leather car seats.

janetrazSeptember 10, 2012

I know, not a home cleaning tip but I just have to share. I have a 2005 car with tan leather seats. I am meticulous about my car and clean it weekly. Over the years the tan leather seats have developed lines which have embedded dirt that I have never been able to get out. I've tried many leather cleaners, none have touched the embedded dirt. Soooo, tonight I googled cleaning leather car seats. Of course there were many that just said to clean with a leather product and then condition. Well, hello! I have been doing this for 7 years with no results. I pulled up a You Tube video that was like a miracle, lol! The guy on the video had a leather ford seat, half was uncleaned, the other half cleaned with Dow Scrubbing Bubbles and a soft brush. The difference was amazing. He did state that this is not to be done often, just for a good clean every so often. I have Scrubbing bubbles. I went out to my car with the bubbles and a toothbrush. First target, my drivers seat. Oh my gosh, the dirt just poured out of the pores and cracks. I was shocked as I wrung out my rag, how much dirt came out. My seats now look amazing! Sure, the wear lines on the sides are still there, but you cant see them. He did say to follow up with a conditioner, which I did. I am so happy, I just had to pass this tip along. Hope it helps someone who is as fussy about their car as I am about mine. I love my car, its my dream car that I was finally able to buy 6 yrs. ago. I'm hoping to drive it for years to come. I'm even happier now that I know how to get the yuck out of the leather seats!

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Did it remove the bluejean stains that are usually found towards the outside of the seat (getting in and out)?
Thanks for the tip!

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It removed everything! I have to wear black slacks to work everyday so there was a lot of black in all the leather cracks. I wear jeans a lot too. I swear my seats look brand new except for the wear creases. But the creases are clean! Try it on your jeans stains, I bet you'll be amazed.

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If you can wash a cow with soap and water, you should be able to wash a seat.

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I suppose but the cow would be constantly renewing and healing it's cells so perhaps not exactly the same, but close : )

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