Best Bath Accessories for the Buck?

rookie_2010May 10, 2010

I have 3 bathrooms to purchase accessories for, towel bars, rings, hooks, tp holders, etc. I assumed I would be willing to cough up the dough for Restoration Hardware's bath accessories when the time came but now I'm not so sure.

Can anyone attest to the quality of RH bath fixtures? Can anyone recommend a less expensive, just as nice in looks and quality alternative?

I'm sure this question has been asked before but the search function isn't working correctly today.......

Thank you in advance for any weigh-ins!

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I too am looking at Restoration Hardware for my faucets and fixtures. I read reviews that they may be overpriced for no reason so I'm starting to waiver. Is it just their furniture or all their products? Someone wrote that you can find the same products elsewhere cheaper and that they buy from others and sell at a mark up. I've also asked the same question but haven't got much response. Their stuff is really nice though.

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I like the Delta bath accesories.

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I have RH accessories and really adore them. So much so I will save all I can to reuse in the new bathrooms!

I have light fixtures, toilet rollers, glass shelves and hooks and towel bars that look as good as the day they were installed almost 5 years ago.

Now as for those RH medicine cabinets--junk! Paint peels from the wood leaving you with a soggy mess.

But everything else I can attest has held up beautifully!

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Just as an fyi, they're having a sale on $100 off each purchase of $500. I did bite the bullet today and ordered for our new build as well.

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For a square look like the RH Dillon line, I chose instead the Delta "Arzo" line which has a great looking faucet, tub and shower trim, towel bars, robe hooks etc. The quality/value ratio is just what I was looking for. Not cheap, but a great product for a reasonable price.

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Not sure how Smedbo compares with RH in terms of price, but I ordered Smedbo bath accessories from Quality Bath and love all of them! The quality is very good and prices better that other brands such as Ginger, etc. Very contemporary if that is what you are going for. It has become my first choice for accessories.

Here is a link that might be useful: Smedbo

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According to a friend who is in the HVAC/plumbing business (high-end), the problem with RH plumbing fixtures (faucets, showerheads, etc.) is that when something goes wrong, it can be next to impossible to get replacement parts because they change so often, and, the inventory is not going to be there a year or 3 down the road when might you need it. I went with all Delta fixtures for both my master and guest bathrooms, and they're gorgeous (I used polished chrome for everything). They also have a big diversity of styles.

As for RH accessories, I don't know but I agree they are nice looking. However, Delta also has accessories that coordinate with their plumbing fixtures, making it easy to achieve continuity of style throughout the bathroom.

p.s. Re the RH bathroom vanity sconces... most have a max of 60W which is a bit low for makeup application and light diffusion. I almost got some but changed my mind and bought 100W sconces elsewhere, and then installed dimmers. So happy I did.

Here is a link that might be useful: DELTA

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Thank you everyone for the input! Duchamp, I just installed a RH vanity light in my daughter's bathroom and noticed how dim it is. It's a shame I hadn't started a thread like this BEFORE I bought stuff..... Thankfully, she won't be using makeup for another 10 years, I hope.

I'm going to check out Delta now.... I also took a look at some of the Danze fixtures on and I really think they are comparable to RH in looks. I have Danze faucets currently and am pleased with the quality, so I might give the accessories a try.
Thanks again!

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