How many people use the oven meat probe?

gursg24April 7, 2014

Debating between a Bosch 800 series wall oven and GE Profile. Unfortunately, the GE doesn't have a meat probe for some reason in the 27 inch model. We are leaning toward the GE (partly due to the available Advantium oven to pair with it), but I am wondering if it would be a mistake to forgo the probe. We haven't had one with it to date with our inherited appliances so we wouldn't be "missing" it, but it does seem to be a pretty useful feature for cooking turkeys, roasts, etc.

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You can buy one separate which is actually much better because when it goes you can easily replace it. I would not be without one because it enables you to be able bring whatever you are cooking to the perfect temperature. TW362B is one but there are others brands.
alarm thermometers

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We use a separate one - love it! Our new one has a remote unit for monitoring from another room.

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Our Electrolux Icon wall oven has a probe, and I love it. The integrated probe was a first for us, and we wondered how it would go. We used it almost immediately on a turkey and it was great. Very happy to have it.

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You can tell I am not the cook in the family. I never even knew these existed. I have only ever used a manual thermometer. Good point on being able to replace it.

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I used a remote probe all the time before we got the Electrolux, I consider it an essential piece of kitchen equipment. I like the probe that the Electrolux came with because when it gets to the temperature I've set, it kicks to "keep warm". And, I blush to admit it, but that Perfect Turkey button actually does give you a perfect turkey, or chicken as the case may be. It's been very handy.

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Yep, Electrolux perfect turkey setting! I haven't used the one in my Gaggenau combi oven yet.

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Our new Elux wall oven is the first oven we've owned that has the meat probe. I love it, especially for meatloaf.

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I've used mine (GE Profile range) several times for baked chicken breast and a pork loin.

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I've used mine for every roast/turkey/etc. I've done for two decades. Wonderful things. I wouldn't own an oven without.

To be fair, the external probes work wonderfully, too, but they're not as convenient.

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I used to use an external thermometer probe until I got my Wolf L ovens. Now I use that probe, but I do have to say that plugging the thing in is a PITA. The Wolf manual says to pre-heat the oven first, then insert the probe. I have to have oven mitts on both hands to do it. One hand has to lift up the tiny little probe hole cover and keep the mitt away from the hole while the other inserts the probe in a tight area of 350 degree metal. It's not an easy feat fumbling around with my heavy-duty oven mitts.

Do others of you with different oven brands have the same difficulty I have inserting the oven probe?

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Procedure for my range is set up the probe first, then turn on the oven.

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Cooking certain foods like duck breasts can't be done without a thermometer and get a consistent result IMHO. Others are just done more easily. I use the internal one on my Gagg quite frequently and it plugs in easily with a display on the controls. Because there is no counter beside the oven, an external isn't an option. (Counter top is on the island opposite). In a second home, I use an external on a GE profile and it works just fine. Can't beat the convenience of the integrated though.

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Our Thermador ovens have the probe that can turn the oven off when it reaches the desired core temp and is tied to some other 'smart' features - I assume that is the type of probe you are asking about. I've used the oven meat probe once in eight years. It works well, I just tend to be more active with the cooking and use a handheld commercial digital thermometer constantly. Maybe I should dig it out of the drawer and give it another try!

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Hmmmâ¦where did I put that thing?

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I never had one till this oven. I use it. However I don't think it is a deal breaker since it isn't much different than my wireless one I had before.

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We have a Wolf 304, and use the meat probe on every roast, turkey, etc. Works great, love having it.

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Cooks illustrated recommended Thermoworks TW362B (update 2013) if not getting an integrated one. Mentioned previously by "wekick".

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I never had a meat probe before the oven I have now, I use it all the time. I love being able to set my probe and know my turkey will be perfect....those pop up poppers don't pop half the time!

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I have a GE monogram oven which comes with a probe, and I use it a lot. But before that I just had a $30 external probe which worked just as well. So a built in probe is nice, but not absolutely necessary.

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