Aaaaand we have a problem. Help please?

hobokenkitchenMay 9, 2013

I know I read a thread on this before but I now can't find it.

I guess we are destined to not catch a break with this renovation.
We have a wet patch. I think we had them in a couple of other places at different times, but I never did any testing so I can't be sure that it was coming from below.

Now it has settled into a specific spot and it's been there at least a week without ever drying out. Last night I put a dog pee pad over the stains and this morning there was no water on top of the pad, but the wet patch is still there are there was a small amount of beaded water on the plastic bottom of the pee pad so I would say it's definitely coming from below.

I know he presloped the wet bed because I had read about a similar problem on here and I checked.

This all needs to come out right?

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I would guess that the preslope in the shower pan has a 'bird bath' or is sloped the wrong way, and the moisture cannot get to the drain.

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It was definitely sloped the right way and no dips. He used a pre sloped kit to make the floor.

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>He used a pre sloped kit to make the floor.

Not saying that's your problem, but it is certainly possible to have plenty of dips when using a kit. A neighbor had a shower installed that way and the idiot who did the installation managed to make the drain the highest point in the floor, even with the kit.

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I can't be sure but I was looking for stuff like this before the tile went down and I certainly thought everything looked good and even and sloped. Not that I'm an expert, but we were concerned about this.

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Only way to have known for sure was to check with a level when the preslope was put in.....

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do you see any cracks in the grout where the shower floor tile meets with the wall tile? Try placing a paper towel at that grout seam and see if the towel goes in , if there is a crack, and if it absorbs water.

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