mellowd_txSeptember 12, 2012

I didn't know where else to post this... I have 2 or 3 moths in my home at all times for several months... why do I have them and how do I get rid of them...

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There is a trap you can get called pantry moths,I brought them home from a bulk store.I set a bunch, theyre like 12.00 for 2,they have lures,draws them in they get stuck on side then throw trap away I got rid of mine,I also put cereals ,flour ,oatmeal in tight containers with lids.

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What room or rooms do you find the moths in?

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I have these too. I think they started from a bag of dog food. I remember opening it and seeing something fly out and then thought well maybe it was my imagination but nooooo.. I've had them for months now. We kept buying that brand of dog food thinking that it was a one time thing and my dogs love that brand. But just the other day I noticed the dog food looked like it was moving in it's container. I always put it in an airtight container with a scoop. OMG there was larvae in it!!! I thought I would die. I am furious. These are brand new bags of dog food there was a tiny white worm in it. Probably all in it. I'm sick of this imported dog food with American names on it. This is an expensive brand called Chef Michaels but I think the store must have gotten a bad batch. I was so upset because we love our dogs like children and I almost cried when I saw that.

I cleaned everything especially in the pantry, I got a new bag of flour and put it in the freezer and got rid of everything else. You all must think we have an awfully dirty cluttered house but nothing could be further from the truth. I hate clutter and I am diligent at my house being clean. I also have my dogs groomed about every 4-6 weeks. It's just that we had such a mild winter and the insects are just terrible this year. Things I have never ever had a problem with are here. It's not terrible like a bug pile but just the few I'm seeing are freaking me out. I HATE bugs. I'm like the screeching woman who jumps on a chair in the cartoons.

I just looked up Chef Michaels Dog Food and it gets horrible ratings. I didn't know that. It is sold in the section of premium dog foods at Pet Smart and PetCo. Here I thought I was buying a premium brand. I am sick about this and wonder if all of my insect problems started with this horrid dog food.

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I thought I answered the question of what room they were in but I see I didn't, sorry. I have them in my pantry of course, kitchen, the living area right off my kitchen and bathroom. I went to the store yesterday to buy a trap and I couldn't find anything described as a moth trap or even listed kitchen as a safe place to put them. The only thing for moths was in the laundry supply area of the store. I almost bought moth balls but I don't want my house smelling that way.

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You might want to try Hot ShotKitchen Bug Killer. I used it for a moth problems and it worked fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen bug killer

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I had a problem w/moths but solved it by moving! lol Seriously, I too bought the little moth attracting things & was amazed to see how many moths accumulated in them. As in disgusting so I threw away & bought more. These were not pantry moths but to be sure I also put everything of a pantry nature, (flour, sugar, rice, etc), in either the frig or large containers which held several products. I find going to a hardware store is the best thing. I love my ACE hardware because it's a local business which has been around for almost 100 yrs. There is always someone in there to help me find anything & I mean anything! Hardware stores often have more than the usual places to buy things. Give your hardware store a try. You may pay a little more, but you usually get what you want and it usually works! In other words, worth the $$!

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I had moths in my brand new home! I didn't have any food in the house - but, I did have bird seed in the garage. I didn't realize since I just moved in that I had them. A friend noticed one, then another. He told me they were seed moths/pantry moths. Low and behold I started seeing them all the time. THey were mainly concentrated in the garage - I threw away anything that had a moth larvae on it. THey were EVERYWHERE ! I guess they were just starting to hatch. It was horrible. When I came home at nite, my garage had so many in it. I got one of those swifters (since it had a long handle) and used that to kill them. Believe me, they are buggers to kill. I then ordered from Amazon Pantry Pest Traps. Actually, I think only the males go to the trap - and if the females don't get bred - they just die. It did say not to put out too many traps as they get confused and you don't catch as many. I kept all my food in the fridge - funny though, none of my food had them.
I did finally get rid of all of them, but it did take a good month till they were all gone.
I no longer keep bird seed or even dog food in the garage, and the bird seed goes in the freezer. I NEVER want that problem again. I think since I had the seed basically stored in the garage while my house was being built and the guys had the doors open they just came in. The local Agway rep said they can even come in your purchased bag of seed. I was at Walmart the other day, and I buy the premium seed, it comes in a clear bag, I was lookin at the seed and jeez, there was a moth in it. I ran from that bag!!!

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I have them just flying around, they are so hard to catch. It seems like you could just catch them since they don't fly very fast but they are so sneaky!! I seem to have a couple but it can't be the same two because I have killed a few of them but sheesh! I am so sick of this. In the 15 years we have lived here I have never had a moth. It came in that darn dog food. I opened another one and there were actually little larvae in it. I almost freaked big time. I could not hate bugs any worse. My husband called Purina and they acted like no big deal it happens all the time and they sent us some coupons for more bags of their dog food!!! Yeah...right. So they told US to call the store where we bought it and we did and the man was really nice it was Petco and he was of course mortified but said he would check his stock and that "it happens". I am worried that my dogs will have intestinal worms so a trip to the vet for probably a couple of hundred bucks.

I am thankful you posted about the traps. I will try those since I didn't think there was anything I could do about this terrible problem. It isn't as though there are tons of them but always see a couple in the house every day now for awhile. At my wits end!!! I HATE BUGS!!!!

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Just checking back in to let you know that we have had the traps out now for a few weeks and have caught a few. They have definitely helped a lot. I only see one every now and then, much less than before.

Thank you for the helpful suggestion about the pantry moth traps. I got them on Amazon, not cheap but well worth it. The are simply cardboard that you fold to make a tent like house then there is a sticky floor with a bait in it. It definitely traps them when they are attracted to the bait and kills them quickly. Thanks again!

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Hot Shot no pest strips, one for every room you see them in.They work even better then the traps or any thing else I found.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Hot Shot no pest strips, one for every room you see them in.
Per the link below, they are Not to be used throughout the home.
"Use in closets, basements, garages, storage areas, utility areas, attics, stored boats, stored RV's and other non-living spaces. "

Here is a link that might be useful: No Pest Strips

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Thanks! I'll try those, too. I hate bugs!!! There is a "war on bugs" at our house.

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It is that time of year, and i am infested. I did a thorough cleaning, everything out and into the freezer from my pantry. Cleaned with vinegar and h2o, (bleach does not kill the larva or eggs) ...pantry pest trap is full so i will order more and place them in various places...some say one on top of the fridge helps. I read through a google link explaining their life cycle.
Being pro active as soon as you see just one is the best defense since a new infestation can arrive with just a single food item from any store. I checked every package and did see the web issue in a container of hot pepper flakes. Put it in a bag in the freezer and will go out with monday trash. Fast forward a week and last night they were everywhere, again. But many more. Clearly i missed a few places so i cleared all out again and put the recommended bay leaves scattered around. Vinegar cleaning again...and now this morning just a random few that i sprayed with vinegar. Where did they go? Did the bay leaves just scoot them to other places? Oy. I recently bought some fresh spices from an Indian market and must have brought some home. I don't mind a few bugs and live in the forest so that comes with the territory, but this is crazy.
One suggestion is to inspect everything new coming in that is spice or grain and freeze for a few days. And do not use bombs, any bug sprays near food or pantry. Toxic residue is worse than consuming a few bugs. I don't like the expense of the pantry pest traps but it is the best defense against a re-infestation me thinks.

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I can't put my bird seed in the freezer, I buy it by the 50lb bag. LOL My new home had some kind of black beetle in the pantry when I moved in. I called my exterminator and he told me over the phone to buy a spray bottle of insecticide and spay it in my pantry and they did it. I have found things like that 2 or 3 times in my life and I guess I was lucky. I caught them right away, found the source and sprayed. It was simple.

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Yeah, my birdseed is Costco grande bag. Kept in the garage. I'll put some bay leaves in a knee-high panty hose. My home is starting to smell so nice, lol. Bay leaves everywhere. I even lit a few with a match and put in a bowl, then shut the pantry sizzles for a few seconds, then goes out and creates a small fog. The bay leaves are Costco also so i have many.

I keep cheap white pantyhose around for straining my 'deer-be-gone' mix for the garden sprayer.

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