Cleaning laundry detergent off suede

localheroSeptember 17, 2011

I bought a suede jacket at a yard sale this AM and it has some goop dripped onto it that the sellers identified as laundry detergent. Smells like it probably is (or fabric softener)and it will ruin the jacket if I can't get it off.

It was only a $3 jacket and I'm not willing to pay professional prices to get it cleaned but I'm willing to try something myself. If it doesn't work, oh well, $3 is a pretty small mistake!

Any tips on how to proceed? It's kind of just dripped down one side of the jacket but pretty thick in spots.

Care tag says:

Clean by leather specialists only

Do not clean by fabric method

Do not dry clean



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I'd run water over it. Flush,flush,flush. I had a suede jacket long ago, I know suede is naturally water-repellant, so water shouldn't hurt it. Good luck. Or take it to a professional leather cleaner.

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Just following up here...
Flushing and scrubbing doesn't seem to have worked well. There is still soap in the leather and the areas I've worked are no longer the same color as the original. I might throw the whole thing in the washer as an experiment but it looks like I wasted my 3 garage sale dollars!

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