How to get mildew smell out of large area rug?

weed30September 14, 2008

One room in my house has had water intrusions several times. The laminate wood flooring is laid on plastic, so I know there is mold/mildew under the flooring. Not worried about the floor, it's shot. But today the room flooded again, and now the 8' x 10' area rug stinks like mildew. This is the first time the rug has gotten wet, (it's new to the room), but the water that came in today obviously brought up old stinky mold/mildew smells through the flooring. How do I get the smell out of the rug? It's a cheapie, with that stiff woven backing, but I hate to have to throw it out.

It is supposed to be sunny here for the next week, so I could put it outside. But what do I do to get the smell out? And I would not be able to hang it up, just lay it on the patio, so it would not get great air circulation while it dries.

Should I just forget being able to save it?

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I would certainly give fresh and sunshine a chance on that rug. Can you flop it over a couple outdoor chairs? Or go through the house looking for items you can take outside to slip under it, such as plastic wastebaskets, the kids' basketballs - anything that allows air under the rug.

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I agree, fresh air and sunshine are needed. Maybe just a plastic porch chair underneath the carpet to allow some air circulation.

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Steam clean the rug, then take it outside and put it upside down on the patio in the sun. After a couple of hours, turn it right-side up and leave it there until it is completely dry (if you could slip a couple or three 2'x4's under it for circulation, that would help). You might have to repeat this process.
Why is that room flooding so frequently? Have you considered a French drain?

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Fresh air and sunshine and get air under the rug too.

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Thanks everyone, I will try to find some stuff to prop it up.

Marlingardener, the room floods because it was a garage that was enclosed, and it was poorly done. I didn't know this when I bought it, and the "person" who sold it to me elected not to disclose the fact that it floods every time there is a moderate to heavy rain. Yes, I'm suing.

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The sun and fresh air would help, however it will not permenantly remove the odor, on humid days you will still notice the smell.

I still think you can salvage the rug though. Consult with professional rug cleaning companies, here is the rug cleaning company that cleans my rugs, they are very helpfull and will provid you with some hints for sure.

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