to all vapour steam cleaner users

njhgSeptember 23, 2009

Is it necessary to vacuum before steaming? Would it be advantageous to buy a combo unit? What steamer did you select, and are you happy with your choice? Pretty broad range of questions, but there isn't a lot of recent info., unless I am not searching correctly. I need advice; I have already made a $2,000.00 mistake on an industrial model too heavy to get out of the box! (more power,more better, right?).......Right. I had considered the size issue, but the salesman assured me I would be fine, but, no worry, I could "always return it, right?.....Right. He suggested I buy (at an extra cost, no less) a larger pair of wheels, so I could take it up stairs more easily; he thought that stairs might be "a little difficult".......Right. The wheels added even more weight to a carton so heavy it took three relatively large men,to get it on the porch, where it remained until picked up for return. Even tho Therm-clean promised my money back if I returned w/in the week (shipped at my cost, I accepted that risk), They now refuse to return our money.


I really would appreciate your advice. Thanks for your help.

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Your standard vapor or steam cleaner is not a vacuum cleaner - it is not going to pick up the dog fur and dirt from the floor. Actually, some of that stuff will stick to the cloth, but not enough to eliminate the step of vacuuming.

I have a Vapor Clean TR5. I like it, it cleans well, but don't like that I have to hold down the button continuously to get steam. My thumb gets sore quickly. And the user manual is dreadful.

Mine has an approximate 2 quart capacity. Friend of mine has a steamer by a different company - name escapes me - with a 3 quart capacity. It takes much longer to heat, but he never has to stop to cool and refill. I sometimes do.

I assume this is for home use? What you need: stainless steel tank. Don't need: continuous fill tank.

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I'm about to purchase a vapor steam cleaner. My top priority is the weight and size. I hope to be able to fit it under my sink in the kitchen. I want it to be easy to access so I will be more likely to use it often.

Sorry you have had such a bad experience.
My second priority is "stainless steel"boiler. i.e. no rusting.
Third priority is continuous fill. I don't want to have to wait twenty minutes on those occasions where I have refilled the tank for it to get hot again.

The best one that fits my criteria is Ladybug brand. It is expensive. I don't think I can get by for less than $1049.00, yow! The second one was going to be "Tidyvap" brand but they don't make it anymore. A local guy here tells me that Reliable brand will fit my requirements except it is 21 pounds and the ladybug is only 15. I hope to get to see one next week when he hopes to have one in his shop. Buying from a local shop would really be hard to pass up but I still think the weight of the machine is VERY important.

If I decide on a Ladybug brand, I'm going to order from I haven't been able to find any local dealers for Ladybug. I think you can also get one from for a little more but you might be able to expedite shipping.

The TR5 looks like a pretty good price. I can't find where it says it is continuous fill but I'm not sure I have to have that. I did find where it says it is stainless steel. Saving $500.00 would be nice.

Still looking and thinking.

If you know of another vapor steamer that meets 3 criteria above but is less than $1049, let me know.

Good luck on your search. Keep us posted.

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You don't need a continuous fill machine for household use. On the rare occasion when you need to refill, you will appreciate the downtime to fix some lunch and prepare the next rooms - picking up stuff and vacuuming.

Check to see how the steam is activated on whatever machine you are going to buy - I mentioned above about having to hold down the button. Vapor Clean will sell you a replacement hose with a constant-on button for $80. Otherwise, you have to use a rubber band to hold down the button while you work, which is what I do.

By the way, my friend has a VX-5000. It has a larger tank but takes a long time to heat before it is ready to use. Here is their website. Check out what they have to say about Allergy Buyers Club.

Here is a link that might be useful: VX-5000

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Thanks for the responses. Here is what I find most confusing about buying a steamer - if it is necessary to vacuum as well as steam, why are there so few models that both? I am looking at the Desiderio (Desi. plus for continuous clean) or the Gaia. Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge 0f these machines? Can anyone suggest other machines that combine vacuuming and steaming?
Thanks again for all advice

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I didn't study the extraction machines before buying, but looking at the two you mention, they appear to clean differently than the straight steamers. (And they cost more and weigh more.) The Desiderio and the Gaia appear to put out more moisture so that there is water to be sucked back into the machine. That's important for use on carpeting and furniture, but not for hard floor cleaning.

Steam cleaner is an almost dry process. The steam loosens the dirt on the floor, then the cloth on the head of the steamer picks up the soil. My ceramic tile is dry in about 30 seconds. You don't absolutely have to to vacuum the floor first. I use a microfiber cloth on the head of my steamer, it picks up and hold crumbs and dog fur. But I'm not the world's best housekeeper, and by the time I get around to cleaning my floors, well, they are pretty dirty. Someone who cleaned more regularly could probably bypass the vacuuming, or broom sweep quickly.

There are lots of uses for a steamer that don't start with vacuuming, such as cleaning bathroom sinks, shower tiles, the oven, the grill, windows, even wallpaper removal. I guess it all comes down to what you plan to do with the machine. I think the extraction machines would be great for cleaning carpeting, but you don't need extraction for most other uses.

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does anyone own a vapamore? positive or negative feedback would really be appreciated.
thanks !

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I don't have a Vapamore, but I will give my impressions based on the website. I like that they publish the specifications - nozzle tip temperature, stainless steel tank, length of cord, etc. There is nothing in the specs that would deter me from buying it. The price is right - and according to the website, you can get a refurbished one for $250. Sounds like a good mid-level unit between the el cheapo junk machines and the high end units that cost two or three times as much.

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thanks, graywings, i have been doing a lot of research and am leaning toward a purchase but would love to hear from someone who actually owns a Vapamore. The videos of the product are impressive, but i keep reminding myself that is what marketing is designed to do....sell !!

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Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with me, And Graywings,you helped to eliminate the one feature I thought would help narrow down the field! You are right,the one room with carpeting is only a fraction of what I am hoping to clean with this machine. So much for the extraction factor. Now to find a machine that has a 2-3 qt.(or continuous fill) stainless boiler with internal temp over 300 deg., external steam temp. over 290., and psi around 75. Water heat up time under 10 min., adjustable pressure regulator. How about weight under 15 lb. Or, as long as this is a wish list, why not make it under 10 lb. available in at least a dozen different colors and finishes. OMG! How embarrassing! I am actually fantasizing about a cleaning machine! I think I would benefit more by forgetting about a steamer altogther, and use the $$ to hire someone that looks like Johnny Depp to do the cleaning!!!
Ok, back to the regularly scheduled program - if anyone makes a decision or has any relevant experience w/steam cleaners it would be great if you update us.
Thanks and good night,

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I own the Vapor Clean TR5 as well but I don't have to hold down the button for steam. It's not continuous fill though.

I like it, it cleans well and all the attachments are convenient.

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