Need Unusual Naturals for Christmas Ornaments

kswl2July 12, 2014

(Cross post w/ decorating forum)

I am already starting to think about Christmas decorations for our newly renovated lower level. The furniture is transitional and the decor is sort of Natural History--- majolica, botanical prints, framed natural history book covers. Quite by accident, the majority of accessories are of German origin, so I'm thinking of a tree with a natural theme although not all natural materials. For example, I have always liked the old blown glass frosted pine one ornaments, and just purchased a few vintage ones on eBay and Ruby Lane, and new ones on sale at Ballard Designs. I am also looking for a few old (or old looking) mercury glass balls and would love to find paper leaves I could hang as ornaments.

I'm looking not only for sources, but inspiration pictures. I have an idea of what it will look like but need something a bit more solid. Our other Christmas decor has evolved over decades and this one will have to spring fully formed out of my head (like Minerva from Zeus, lol).

Any and all help will be very much appreciated!

These are the foundation ornaments I just purchased (20) from Ballards:

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I see on the Decorating Forum that you and others are already talking about Christmas!

I would like to invite you and anyone else that you think LOVES CHRISTMAS, To Join me on Face Book..

I am in A Christmas Group that we talk Christmas All year.

A lot of the People on here are in the group and enjoy it very much. And it will give you all kinds of ideas for Decorating!! It is a Secret group, we have to be friends, and you have to be invited in.

See My Post below about the Invitation to come and join!!

Hope to see you there!!

Good Luck with your New Adventure and Congratulations on
your new renovation!! I know you will have a Great Christmas!!

Thanks So Much!


Aike McAlpin ( Send me a friend request on Face Book)

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Hi Creek! Thanks for the reply! I am not on Facebook, but do begin to haunt the holiday forum around mid September :-) I am planning a trip to the mart in a month or so and hope to find the rest of the ornaments I need for the new tree. In the meantime I am open for suggestions.....

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Sorry you are not on Face Book. We have a lot of fun.

We decorate for ALL Holidays, But Love Christmas!

It looks like you already have some good suggestions for your theme. I just thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures along with the suggestions.

If you ever decide to get on FB, look me up. I would love to be friends and sign you up to the group. We have a ton of fun.

Good Luck with your decorating!

Nice Talking to you!


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Those are beautiful! I'm adjusting to decorating in an apartment this year. I don't know how to approach decorating in such a small space.

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kswl: If you're talking naturals, why not take a walk in the woods and you will find amazing things for your tree. I make wreaths of all the natural things I find, and they're beautiful.......more so than anything artificially made. You can also make ornaments from balsa wood i.e. tiny bird houses, etc.

creek: I'm on facebook and would love to join your group. I'm for contact.

JoseAquila: Start with a small tree and load it with ornaments.


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These are beautiful. Few years back I used ornaments for Christmas decoration. But I lost those pictures. Those were little wood coloured candles with different shape and colours and also tiny coloured Christmas tree candles.

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