Purple Summer Table Setting

phonegirlJuly 17, 2011

I've been wanting to set a new table for a week. Tired of looking at all the red, wht and blue. So I took time this morning and pulled out some of my recent ys finds and set a new one. It was almost like Christmas!

Summer is always ice tea time so why not use my ice tea jar for the cp flower arrangement. The purple plates are Pier 1 and the ivory plates are Home Interior. I'll show a close up so you can see the pretty flower design on them.

Aren't the glasses and sherbets neat? So glad I had them for this table. The candlesticks and small candle holders were .25 ea so couldn't leave them behind. The libby square candle holders and candles were some left over from a wedding and were FREE! Sat the fireman on to cover up the fold.

I should be out in the yard but I'm fixing lasagna for dinner tonight. DH was nice and used some roundup in the garden and it killed all the carrots, lettuce, raddishes and beets so don't have much to weed around. Guess I'll be buying at the farmers market.

Not sure why some of the pictures didn't resize but need to keep moving.LOL


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Beautiful Punk! You had me with the purple :) everything just works so nicely together. I love this table!

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Punk, such a serene tablesetting. It has such a quiet calming effect, at least on me. I love the sheberts and the glasses. I know what you are saying about your hubby and roundup. My DH thinks roundup is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I can't tell you how many time I have threatened to "round=up" him for getting it on things that were not supposed to be sprayed, esp my flowers He can't tell the difference in Burdock and rhubarb, little alone lettuce and planten. I"ve decided nothing is safe around a man with a sprayer full of round-up. TFS janet

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oh punk...this is a beautiful summer table!
I love, love the plates ...purple & ivory flowered ones! And your glasses & sherbets sure look great w/the dishes!

Pretty, pretty t'cloth & I love how you used a placesetting for your centerpc tea jar...which is a lovely cp. And your pics are really good! candyshot, A+!

I hate Round-up altho I know many use it & it works well...my DH uses it sparingly here as I am always gripping about chemicals...none in my veggie garden...but the payback is LOTS of weeds & weeding! LOL! Sorry you lost your veggies!

TFS your t'scape...missing you all here! Jeanne S.

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Really pretty white plates, Punk, I love the scallops and the raised design. The glasses and sherbert dish sure are perfect for this tablescape. Glad you had some time to redo your table. This one seems so calm and relaxing---and I'm ready for a nice cold glass of iced tea too! :o)


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That looks so cool and refreshing. It was close to a 100 here today, and that table looks so inviting.

Your plates are so pretty and so is the CP.

I have to stake plants to identify them as plants not weeds as my DH has also had RoundUp trigger finger!!

Seems like it is a guy thing!! LOL


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Punk how nice to see this lovely table setting...it's been so quiet here. I too love the pretty color combination>
and love the pattern on your dishes. I think the glasses and sherbets are perfect accents. Your ice tea jar makes a great CP> I think those candleholders were a steal...and look so pretty with this setting..Everything is just lovely.
DH was a little 'trigger happy' and killed our corn one year with RoundUp. Now he's totally off limits in the vegetable garden!


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Very soothing with a touch of whimsey in the fireman & painted candlesticks & the candle holder with the berries around it really finish the table off nicely. Ice tea jar makes a great vase & I'm drinking ice tea as I look at these posts! You just need a scoop or maybe some melon scooper little balls of sherbet in your dishes, some shortbread & a couple of tall glasses of ice tea! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Such a pretty table! LOVE the white flower plates! Everything is just perfect from the lacy tablecloth to the glasses to the centerpiece! So soothing for this hot weather!

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My reaction was exactly the same as Kath's. LOL
Such a serene table, I really like that feeling these days.

After hearing the DH garden stories, makes me glad Mr Oblivious stays on the golf course. I learned years ago I didn't want his "help" pruning bushes or spraying weed killer. LOL.

I have been reading and seeing news stories on the massive heat wave that is sitting over most of the US. I am so sorry its hitting a lot of you guys, with your humidity it must be unbearable! Stay cool, and safe. We had 112 the last few days but our humidity is about 30%, which is "high" for us tho normal for July-Aug here. Got another duststorm while ago, tho nothing like the monster of last week.

hugs, Karen

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Karen...humidity 81% today & by tomorrow evening, the good ol' weather guy says we should be going down from 'oppressive' to 'uncomfortable!' (75% or so) LOL! It's a doozie!

& punk, I didn't know why the 'fireman' was on the table...instead of one of your pretty birds or your Mom's pretties...so now I know...he's there to COOL us off, uh! LOL! Jeanne S.

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Max, thanks, I've been thinking about you. I bought a buffet from one of DD's friends and made me wonder how your hunt for one is going. They are moving to Hawaii and needed to sell it.

Janet, you crack me up! I hate to complain when I'm getting some help but gee.LOL I do wonder how people kept up with the weeds before all the chemicals came about.

Jeanne, I've really missed all of you here too. I try to keep up with my weeding but two weeks of company is to long to not be in my yard this time of year. So look out Here Comes The Roundup. I'm glad he didn't get close to my flowers. His neice lives beside us and has a green house so it won't be hard to get fresh veggies.

Luvs, I just made a gallon of tea before coming here tonight. I've never cared for sun tea so I can make it any time of day. I bet you go through alot of tea with all the heat you have.

Candy, I think guys use Roundup and we tend to get in there and try w/o and if the weeds get to far ahead run for help. I really need to get some more compost mixed in my flower beds to help me out.

Jane, I don't like running the tiller so I can't boot DH out of the garden! I didn't plant any corn this year with the crappy weather we had. I do have tomatoes and cukes that are looking good.

Jan, wish it wasn't 11 pm and I'd fill the dishes with some melon balls, grab some cookies, pour a glass of tea and do a photo shoot for you. Sounds like a wonderful idea. I love seeing food and beverage on the tables but seldom take the time to do it. Maybe one of these years.

Marlene, what?? no Roundup stories from you?LOL thanks for all the sweet commments.

Karen, we have been luckier than alot with our weather except that my parents home flooded and mold set in before we found it. We have a company in there who gutted the whole basement and removed all the mold. Cost us and arm and leg so don't know how soon we'll get all the walls and flooring replaced.

Your dust storms are a terrible thing to bear. Is this something new that has started in your area?

Jeanne, hope you can cool down soon. I can always send the fireman your way if need be.LOL

Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments on my ts. I sure hope GW doen't give me fits for awhile. I will be out of town for a couple of days but will try to catch up here when I have time.

Stay Cool!!!


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Punk it looks lovely! Love the colors.
You are a busy gal. Summer is always busy here, I don't know where the time goes!

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Beautiful, beautiful table, I agree with the others it is serene. Purple is one of my favorite colors.
The purple plates are perfect with your pretty ivory ones.
The glasses and sherbets are just right. I love that you used your iced tea jar for the center piece! Those little bud vases [?] and candle holders are pretty.
I'm lovin that fireman.

My DH never killed anything in our garden with round up, but he HATED dandelions. One year he got something to kill them and sprayed them all. When we looked out the next morning, all of the grass around them was dead, but the dandelions were standing tall and proud!! Needless to say, He was not happy with me laughing hysterically!


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