Some Patriotic Decor

christmascandyJuly 11, 2012

I have been busy playing outside and even though I did do some decorating, I just haven't found the time to post it.

DH actually took these pictures, so I only have a side view of the TS as I had to undo it for the b-day parties.

The dishes, linens, flatware, flag glasses, wreath, chargers, and figures are all TS. I think the only item not TS were the blue goblets from DT.

Little white tree proudly waving the colors:

I actually used some of my 4th napkin rings as decorations.

The entry table:

The front porch:

So....sorry to be MIA, just tired and busy, but tried to catch up this AM.



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Marlene Kindred

Beautiful as usual Candy! Glad to hear from you and totally understand the tired and hot issues...same here!

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Wonderful table, Candy. I love the dishes and the stars and stripes glasses.
Your little white tree is adorable you do such a great job of decorating it for the different holidays.
The entry table looks fantastic, so does the front porch.
Hasn't the weather been beastly? I really wears you down.
They say it is the hottest summer on record.
Thanks for sharing. We missed you.

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Candy, so glad you are able to work outside and still decorate inside. Enjoyed your ts. The dishes are so neat. Laying the napkin across with the flatware on top is an eye catcher that I may copy one day. Cp is so pretty.

Little wht tree looks wonderful with the flags and bow. I'm not able to see the napkin rings you used but great idea. Nice entry table decor! Also nice entry outside. It all looks lovely and bet the neighbors enjoyed it.

I remember seeing your beautiful yard before. Hope you will share more photos with us this year.


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jeannespines, love the bold blue t'cloth w/white wicker & those dinner plates are very patriotic cool! Crystal star candleholder is lovely! Can't see all of everything...but it certainly looks like a celebration!! Love it!

& the lil' white tree shines again! Sweet! Your front door area is so welcoming! I'm with you MIA, humid & hard to keep up ... but enjoying a few fun vacations, too! TFS, candy...good to see you! Jeanne S.

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Lovely job as usual Candy.
I'm so glad you've been able to get outside , comfortably I hope. It's been so dreadfully hot here the only thing we do is run from the car to the store and back in the house. It's been the worst I can remember :(.
I love the table , so stately and of course little white tree is always a favorite of mine with each change that comes along.
The outside and entry is fabulous.

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Candy, everything looks wonderful. Which is normal for you, LOL. I LOVE, LOVE the color of blue on that tablecloth. It also really sets off the whole setting. Your centerpiece is gorgeous! Wish you'd gotten a close-up of it, tho at least your DH took photos! Good job!

Your little white tree is so cute, I always enjoy seeing it decorated. Seems like whatever you put on it is always show-cased so prettily.

Both the entry table and front porch...WOW. Love them.

I didn't get my 4th decor down till a week afterward, LOL. And had put out so little it was pathetic. But now I've got my beach/summer up and need to take pix. Speaking of summer,
looks like my g-awful heat has hit all of you guys this year. I couldn't believe it when I saw Denver had 105 recently. And back East??? What the heck is going on?
Now you know how Jas and Fred feel while playing golf, LOL.
Actually Jas has played very little, can't take the high heat like his Dad does. Hope you get better golf weather soon.
hugs, Karen

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Candy, if I lived in your neighborhood I'd be driving past your house all the time to see your fun, pretty decorations. I love how you decorated your porch and your entryway is great too. That little tree sure looks cute as does your pretty patriotic table. Hope you get a break in the weather soon. Luvs

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Thanks everybody.
It said 102 on the car thermometer today!! Not only has it been hot, but the humidity has been higher than normal, UGH!
We have sure had a hot time of it lately, and very little rain to boot.
The decor has changed to sunflowers now. Pictures later.


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Sunflowers huh? Will be looking forward to your new decor. I just bought some little sunflower plates so will be sharing them soon. I didn't get mine planted in the garden so all I have are a few volunteers this year.

Sure hope that hot weather doesn't come our way. We had a bad storm night before last and was w/o power for 2 hrs. So far it's only been in the 90's here a few days.


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Wonderful table Candy...LOVE those dishes and how
striking they look against that dark blue TC.
Your little Patriotic Tree looks adorable standing proud with the Flags...
Also like how you decorated your entry
hall and the lovely decorations outside.
I think Luvs is must be a joy being your neighbor seeing what you do ea time.
Hope you got some relief in the temps...we did today after some heavy rains.
Look forward to your sunflowers!

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