how to clean dryer duct?

chuehSeptember 2, 2009

The house is full of dust balls. Can it cause by dryer duct clog? If so, how do I clean the dryer duct? Thanks

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I disconnected mine from the dryer and blew it out with the leaf blower. It was rather loud, but it did the job.

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How long is the vent? Where does it end?

You also need to tip the dryer up and vacuum under it, and inside it. Those things breed dust bunnies.

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Thanks both, but lazygardens, I am not sure how long is the vent. It's probably very long, for it's on the second floor.

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If it's on the 2nd floor it may be loose in the back causing you to have dust bunnies, Be sure the clamp is tight(tightens with screwdriver probably) Also if you can't get under it use a yard stick to go under it& get the dust out from under. Mine is gas & I have it in garage so once a yr. I shut gas off unplug & pull out & vacuum over it & floor & take the vent off & loosen screws on back and wipe out everywhere I can reach & take a long handled brush that is dampened with water to retrieve any dust I can't reach. I've heard a tbls. of dust is enough to start a fire. Most important is not to have it piled high & surrounded with junk or clothes. They would be a real hazard as heat could build up. Otherwise go find where vent goes out of house & see if it can be disconnected & shook out or cleaned out.

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I get my vent professionally cleaned once a year. My vent is on the roof. They charge my $70 and I find it is well worth it as I am not going on the roof.

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