hexagon tile floor patterns

tulipscarolanMay 16, 2008

Hello again everyone!

Like many, we are using 1 inch carrera hexagon tiles for the floor. I've seen lots of beautiful borders that people do, but our tub surround is curved, and for a few other reasons, I think doing a border all around may not look great.

Soooo....I'm thinking about doing the whole floor in solid carrera, but having just a handful of random "flowers" (the six black hexagons surrounding a central carrera hexagon). The room is approximately 120 square feet, and I'm thinking of maybe using 5-9 flowers, although not using them in a symmetrical pattern.

I'm wondering if this sounds crazy or cute? Don't worry about hurting my feelings....it is much better to get honest feedback before than regret something after!!!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm thinking of doing the exact same thing so I'll be following this thread! A tile guy showed me the exact same tiles in a different brand. The black hexagons in this brand were a flat finish rather than shiny glazed like the AO which I liked better. You can buy whole hexagon squares in all black. He told me to put down all white hexagons, then after gluing but before grouting, go around and pop up some white ones and replace with black, making the flower patterns wherever I please. It apparently saves $$. I agree the border might be too much. How soon are you doing this, and can you provide pictures? Mine wont be done til late fall.
mrs bridges

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I think random is great. Toadangel is doing the random thing with black tiles mixed in with the white in her bath, and it looks great. It's the walls, not the floor, but I think you'd get the same sort of feel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toad's bath string

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Me, again...

I'm refining my ideas, and I'd still like to use 1 inch carrera hexagon as the majority of the floor, and insert some black "flowers" randomly in a few spots. The problem I am having is locating black marble 1 inch hexagon tiles. (or even a really dark grey color, etc).*

Do you think I can have most of the floor be marble hexagons, but then insert black ceramic hexagons to make the flowers? Or will be odd to mix marble with ceramic?? Or does anyone have a suggestion on where to find black (or dark grey) marble hexagons in one inch?

*Actually, Walker Zanger offers 1 and a quarter inch hexagons in white marble, carrera, a dark grey marble, and black marble. However, it is $45 per square foot (too much for me). And I can't just buy a few sheets of their black marble because they made their hexagons a little bigger than one inch, of course!

Again, thank you, thank you for your advice and thoughts!

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I think you'd be fine with ceramic inserts in the marble hex pattern. Black is significantly different looking than white, so having them out of a different material as well would be ok.

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this may be a stupid idea but i wonder what would happen if you took some of your white marble tiles, sanded off the polished finish if they are polished and then soaked them in india ink. I wonder if the stone would absorb the ink and make them dark. You could then seal them to set the color. This way you still have the same thickness of tile and the same edge treatment (cut stone has a very different feel than ceramic). I don't know that it would work but I wonder if you immerse it and soak it long enough if it just might.

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I wonder if the stone would absorb the ink and make them dark.

You could bet on it. Before I'd try india ink, though, I'd try black paste shoe polish (not as messy) or even black shoe leather dye. It won't stain the stone a solid black, but then of course, neither would the india ink. It would, however, stain it enough to use it as an accent.

Lisa, that was a hell of an idea!

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