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gold566April 3, 2014

Good morning. I have been lurking on here since January when we bought a lot in a development. Our house will back up to a river with lots of trees. There are deer and turkey that run through the area along with a bobcat. We are excited and ready to get the process going. The BF and I will be the only ones there 95% of the time. We have three boys(24,20,16), one lives with his mom about 15 minutes from where we will be and the other two are on their own although one of them seems to have boomeranged back home. sigh....

So here is our plan so far. I have nitpicked the plan to death and I still need help with a few things.

I am not digging that island. I want something big enough to work at and to seat 4 to 5 people around at Christmas when everyone is here (13+) people. I think it's the shape I don't like. I like the curved bar though as that would allow us to squish another body in there at the holidays. I like the fact that it does not creep into the living room area. I thought about flip flopping the sink and the dishwasher. Plus putting the dishwasher on that side makes it more accessible to others and where the dishes will most likely be stored. It won't line up with the stove though but I could probably learn to live with that.

I don't like the layout of the guest bathroom. We want a wider door into there but there has to be a better layout. I do want the linen cabinet in the bathroom.

The shower in the master bath will have a glass door and a half wall up for the rest of that outside wall. That is where I want to put the towel bar on the outside of the shower. There are pictures on Houzz showing what I want. I want to move that pocket door to the other side in hopes to make a deeper wall there. Essentially to get to the closet you would walk closer to the sink unlike now where you walk right by the shower. BUT that would cause a problem with the plumbing. So I am leaning towards having a regular door or no door at all. Ideas?

I plan on moving the sink in the laundry room so it next to the washer.

I like the layout except for those couple of items. We have given the plans to two different builders in our area. Both have great reputations and do fabulous work. We are of course nervous about what they will come back with. Things seem very high priced in our area compared to other areas of the country.

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Downstairs - there are a couple of minor adjustments we plan on making. Nothing to write home about though.

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Front elevation - We really like the unbusy uncluttered look. Exterior will be brick with stucco.

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The side elevations - here we are torn. The left side is to the south. In the summer that side will bake. We are in southern Kansas while it is not as bad as our neighbors to the south it does get hot and miserable here. That one lone windows looks sad, I realize landscaping will help alot but I can't help but want to put more windows on that side. But then I worry about the placement of furniture in those two rooms and I worry about the heat on that side.

On the rear elevation the windows in the middle that don't line up kind of irritate me. I want to slide that smaller one over to balance it. Not sure we can though.

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It will be cleaner if you have a hip roof at the garage instead of a gable. It will also be not as prominent because so far, your front is more than half garage.
I'd get rid of the arch at garage door.
I prefer the porch to be brick. The only place that stucco makes sense is at the gable.

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It looks like the door from the screened deck will hit the dining table.

No window in the master bathroom?

All traffic from the garage goes through the kitchen. Is the chef okay with that?

Will the basement bedroom near the office be used as a bedroom? If so, it is awfully far to a bathroom.

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Thanks Naf will see what that looks like.

Dekeoboe I have thought about switching to a slider for that door. I hate them but it might have to happen anyway. There are two small windows in the master bathroom above the sink. That sixth bedroom is a room that will rarely get used except at holidays.

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I think there are way too many bedrooms for empty nesters 95% of the time. I would make one of the upper bedrooms the office space. I would also remove a bedroom or two downstairs and make a theatre room (in bedroom #6 and office space).

I also would do my best to make the foyer more private, my biggest pet peeve in new build plans. We did that, will never do it again. I would also give up some of the sq ft in the second bedroom on the main floor as well as the walk-in closet for the dining and living room and a hall in between the kitchen and mudroom.

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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois

Even if you plan on staying in the home for many years, you need to consider resale. How many bedrooms would you advertise? In-law space possibly?

I have never, ever liked the way the linen closet door works in the bath between bedrooms 2 & 3. That is awkward; however, I cannot think of a solution other than having the door open onto the hallway, a pocket door would work on that wall.

Air flow is great on the spring and autumn days when you want the windows open. Consider windows high on the wall in bedrooms 2 and 3. Natural light will come in; and if they are operable, some breeze will flow through. As I see it, most of your windows are east and west only.

Think about coming home with groceries. How far do you want to walk? How many people will be using the garage to access the interior?


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