Do you *seal* stainless steel and What is your Favorite Degreaser

chefwongSeptember 20, 2009

Easy Question 1st. What is you favorite degreaser - slightly aggressive. Just not too mild. I have various bottles of Fantastik, Fantastik Heavy Duty, Lyso 4-1 All Purpose Cleaner. I can't seem to find it no more but IMO Easy Off BAM Universal Degreaser - purple bottle/green sprayer head is SUCH a great degreaser. It doesn't have a strong fume, cuts grease well without alot of elbow grease and it not too MILD.

I tried all 4 yesterday while cleaning (ran out of Easy off Bam Degreaser). Ran to the supermarket. They did not carry it. I opted ending up just spot cleaning with Easy Off Oven Cleaner sprayed on a rag.


I clean the frige doors/exterior range hood with a wet microfiber, then dry and then follow up with Stainless Steel *cleaner*. SS cleaner is slightly oily but I suppose this good *film* it leaves behind is because SS when clean, is slightly ~absorbent~.

I am curious what cleaning methods do you follow for the underside of your stainless steel exhaust hoods if or the entire Stove.

My filters I throw in the dishwasher.

I do notice a *shine/color* difference when I use a degreaser/followed by water on SS surfaces rather than just wiping it clean with a SS cleaner/polish on the stove and underside of the hood.

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For degreasing, I buy some cheap stuff that I can only find at the Dollar Store. It's called AWESOME. And it really is. I like to use as little as possible of harsh chemicals, but I noticed that my kitchen was starting to get the grimy sticky feeling ever where. Awesome really works, but don't forget to open a window first.

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I'm going to check out AWESOME, but for now I use Easy Off Stainless Steel Cleaner. It's a foam sprayer and works great on stainless appliances and and especially on the the hood to degrease. Love it!

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I will probably start another thread BUT do you use degreasers ALOT on stainless. I don't but I was going FANATICAL on my hood that night.

However, this is a big IF however. My hood manufacturer, BROAN, does not recommend anything except warm water. They advise such chemicals can ruin the grain, discolor the finish, etc.

I am sure they are ~erring~ on the safe side of things as some chemicals like Easy Off Oven Cleaner can be real harsh like LYE, etc.

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