Small bathroom: contrast wall, splashback, or keep it simple?

dibdotMay 18, 2014

We're just about to start our renovations and I'm having trouble deciding what to do about the tiling in our master bath, which is really more of an ensuite in size.

I've attached a 3D drawing of the basic layout of what will be in there, however the planned colours are totally different.

What we have definitely decided on:

- white gloss 12" x 24" rectified wall tile - this has a subtle greyish undulation through it, so has a bit more dimension than a plain white tile
- pearl grey lappato 12" x 24" rectified floor tile - a pale, warm grey
- wall-hung 36" vanity in dark neutral gloss woodgrain, fingerpull drawers, white polymarble top
- Hansgrohe Talis S basin mixer and levers for bath and shower, Hansgrohe 7" Raindance shower head

There will be a niche (size as yet undecided) along the long wall of the shower/bath.

Room has loads and loads of natural light from a skylight.

My questions relate to the tiling, and what various options might do to the look and the perceived scale of the room.

1. Do I keep all of the walls in the gloss wall tile (including niche and splashback), or do I attempt some contrast somewhere?

2. If yes to contrast - where? Splashback? Niche? Entire vanity wall/back of shower?

3. If yes to contrast - what? The stone finger tiles? The light grey wall tiles?

Attached are the 3D mock up of the floor plan (just for fixtures; ceilings are higher, toilet roll will NOT be next to the bath, lol) and a pic of the tiles - the finger tiles are not a definite, and I probably lean towards not using them at the moment. Not sure if you will be able to see the subtle variation in the colour of the wall tile.

Thank you for your help!!

(apologies for the similarity of this to another thread I have posted but to me the questions "feel" totally different - renovation brain!)

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Oops, here are the tiles.

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The mosaic tile is very pretty. I am not clear where you'd use it. There is not a great place to start and end a backsplash at the tub area. I would do the whole wall in a contrasting material (either contrasting color, texture, or both) or the whole wall in in the chosen wall tile. I've shown you my niche on the other thread.

Are you looking for drama or a subdued room? Does that mosaic match your floor tile? I am not sure I get what the second picture is about.

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I would do the entire wall with a different tile from the vanity to the shower. Needs something to warm it up.

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The mosaic is a very good match for the floor and wall scheme, but I am baulking at using it as the space really is all and I don't want to "busy it up" too much.

One suggestion was to run the floor tile up the vanity wall - I wouldn't want to break up the wall halfway so it would mean tiling the back of the shower in the same. This would probably also mean tiling the bath surround in the floor tile as well, which I am unsure about - I'm worried it will close the room in too much.

If using a different tile altogether for that wall I'm not sure what I would do. I'd want to keep it the same colour (so white-ish) as the gloss wall tile, but haven't found anything that pleases me for a match in my hours and hours of looking at tiles...any suggestions?

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Also, I agree that the layout makes it difficult to do just a splashback - vanity and mirror so close to the perpendicular wall makes it really hard to know where to start and end a contrast tile.

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Pretty tiles. I would use the finger tiles on a long niche alongside the tub. Another alternative is to place the finger tiles vertically on the tub apron / skirt.

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