Liebherr Freestanding CS1660 Question

PollyGApril 4, 2013

I got a second-hand Liebherr CS 1660 fridge. It has an icemaker, but I couldn't hook it up to the water line because of the kitchen layout. Will the refrigerator and the freezer still work if I don't connect the ice maker?

Can the current owners comment on this model? I appreciate your input.

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i have a liebherr fridge, but a different model number. i've never hooked my icemaker up, as i have a separate undercounter icemaker. the fridge works no problem. i just wish i could actually take the icemaker out completely, to create a lil more room in the freezer

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Don't specifically know about Liebherr but every other fridge I know of will have a way to shut off the icemaker and they all work fine without the water hooked up. To shut off the ice maker, download the owner's manual and read the instruction. (It might be a switch, a button or something as basic as puttting a wire bale in the top poistion (telling the machine that the ice tray is full).

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Maybe call Liebherr parts dept or customer service. I talked to them friday...took a while but finally just left a message to call me back. Depends on who you speak with, but being only the second time i did this, you will eventually get someone to either walk you through the process or call again until someone does? ( a few years ago it was a nice and knowledgable experience...this time not so much)
If i did not want ice or did not want to hook it up, i would want it outa there. May be a space hog it you freeze meals like i do. It is easy to turn it off from the manual. Just press the button to off...lit it is on, not lit it is off. It needs a water line hooked up, so without water it will not function.
I think it should work just fine not hooked up but i would check with Leibherr.
I need to take mine out tomorrow or early this week for repairs. I do not plan to shut off my freezer for longer than the 20 minutes to remove. May take a few days or a week to get it fixed. Some have had non-working ice makers for a few years so i don't see an issue.
(the ice-makers on all models are the same from what the parts dept told me. He did not even need my model # to sell me the repair part kit...did not buy it as i'm fixing it myself)
OH hey, got one for sale?, haha.

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I don't have that model of Liebherr, but my ice maker was not working for a few months and the fridge and freezer worked just fine with that shut off and the water also shut off. There is no reason you need to have a water line hooked up to any fridge/freezer for it to run, at least not that I have ever seen.


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