Blue for DMIL

maximavswifeJuly 18, 2011

Since it was too hot to be outside this past weekend (as Candy said, we skirted with 100 degree temps) I spent some time organizing my dish collection. Amazing what one finds isn't it?! Dishes I had forgotten I even had. Of course I then had to do up a tablescape :)

As I was putting this table together I was thinking of my DMIL. She L.O.V.E s blue. She says she is trying to move away from blue, but we laugh because everything she purchases, from clothing to furniture, is still blue :)

The only items newly purchased for this table are the silver candlesticks, purchased at GW for $1.00 each and the faux bread 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Everything else I had in my stash. The dinner plates are Gibson every day, the salad plates were a GW find for .25 each. And yes, I know...I should have taken the time to iron the tablecloth but I was too hot to even think about standing over a hot ironing board LOL. I have a steamer on my Christmas wish list.


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Just the right amount of blue!
Those salad plates were a great find!!
We both have those blue goblets, and the crystal goblets are beautiful. This is a really pretty table.

Look at you having so much fun with your new dining room!!

I sure know why you didn't want to plug in the iron!! Plus, we are having very high humidity for our area. Of course, Dh, who grew up in Iowa keeps telling me "this isn't humid!" But for Colorado, it has been really humid lately due to the heavy monsoon rains we've been experiencing and the heat just draws the moisture out of the ground.

Beautiful blue table and so tastefully put together.


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Thank you for the sweet words Candy :) DH thought I paid more for the blue goblets and was shocked when I told him they were from the DT!
Having spent many summers in Iowa growing up the humidity here lately has made it feel like Iowa for sure. We are so use to dry air here that anything in the double digits is uncomfortable LOL! But on the plus side, our yard looks awesome thanks to the 4+ inches of rain in the last 10 days :)


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Kath..this is such a pretty table..and I agree - with just the right amount of blue. I also love the simplicity of it which also gives it a 'cool' look.
Your salad plates and blue stems compliment ea other so nicely. Those candleholders for $1 ea are so nice and such a fabulous buy.
I hardly noticed your 'un-ironed' wouldn't be taking out that hot iron either...I don't do humidity very well..ugg.
I can see you're really enjoying your new DR and it's nice to see your new purchases as well as the old ones you're just discovering you had!!
Look forward to seeing more.


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Marlene Kindred

Beautiful table! The blue is very cooling in this heat and it looks even prettier with your new floor! Love the little blue dishes with the cornflowers on them and your blue stemware!

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Cool blue is a great way to beat the least mentally and indoors. LOL. Which is the place to be lately.
Pretty table and great buys on stuff for it. Fun to shop your own house huh? Finding things you didn't remember having makes them 'new' again.

hugs, Karen

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The blue table is lovely & I think the blue candles are so pretty in the candle holders, brings out blue in plates! Think I just flunked my critique of tablescapes. I'm the 1 with white china from Sears with platinum border, my tablecloths were white,green,red or gold(change of seasons) my stemware is silver leaves by Libby, I did make the centerpieces & always took pics when the food was on the table & everybody was seated. Since everybody is gone I eat on the run & have learned a lot here, I'd be happy to eat lunch or dinner on any of these lovely settings. My china has been through 2 quakes,I did get some replacements. Most of Libby goblets survived, they are wrapped around with white felt,rest of felt is cut in circles & between each dish,really cut down on breakage 2nd quake. Sure is fun to look & drool tho! Keep the tablescapes coming! Jan

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Ahhh, maxi & you're feeling sorry for this ol' Iowa girl here, uh? (that's me)...the weather IS quite pitiful & the worst we've had for this length of time in a loo-ng time! (breaking many records this mo!)

maxi...I love your 'blues,' too & they cheer me up! That new room cheers me up & now you're sharing your beautiful tables! Too hot to iron...know the feeling! The t'cloth is gorgeous anyway! The blue patterned china is so pretty! And I LOVE the 2nd pic you took ...w/your artwork on the wall...wonderful perspective! TFS a nice tribute to DMIL, maxi! Jeanne S.

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So glad to see you set another wonderful table. You are going to have so much fun with your new DR. I love to come here and see pictures. Can hardly wait to see what the next table brings. Blue and silver are always great together. You must have a sweet MIL and looks like she's lucky to have you too.

Jeanne, maybe you need to come up and visit to beat the heat! So sorry it's been so stinkin HOT.


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Kath, How thoughtful of you to do a TS in your DMIL's favorite color. Such soothing colors in this beastly weather. The salad plates are perfect, those sherbets look like the ones I have. I love the blue stems and those beautiful silver candle holders.
I'm so glad you are enjoying your wonderful new dining room!
Thanks for sharing this wonderful table!!


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