Induction with gas range?

WinnetkaJAKApril 8, 2013

Does anyone on GW have a traditional gas range and an induction cooktop in the same kitchen?

I am considering trading out a 36" AG range with a 30" AG range and a 12" 2-burner induction cooktop, but I am worried about how it will look (we have a traditional Tudor-style home).

I am assuming performance will be fine and I can't see that much of a need to move pots between the induction and gas burners. I am already putting in a 42" hood, so will that be sufficient? It's not 6" more than the total cooking area, but the induction top should not generate much in the way of HOGS.

Any other issues I haven't considered? If anyone has a picture of their setup that they can post, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Depending what you cook, the induction will generate just as much OGS as the gas cooktop. What's your motivation for adding the induction in addition to the gas cooktop?

I suggest either a 36" gas range or a 36" induction range.

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I don't want a 36" induction range for aesthetic reasons and the AG range option means using gas for things like boiling water for pasta and heating up sauces, which seems like an inefficient solution.

I also would like to teach my daughters to use the induction which they can do much more safely then the gas.

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I do not recall anyone on garden web with a gas range and an induction cooktop, but there is a poster that has both an induction cooktop and gas burners, can't recall who, just now, maybe Rhome.

Hopefully they will post in your thread!


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Well, mixing the 2 cooktops will affect the aesthetic too. Depending on utility rates where you live, boiling water with gas may not be more costly than induction. Also, you'll only have 42" of hood covering 48" of cooking surface - 6" LESS than the cooking surface.

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30 + 12 = 42, not sure where you get 48 from.

I understand about the mixing which is why I asked if anyone had pictures of an actual install.

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oops, I went 36+12, sorry. Something else you might consider is a cooktop and separate wall ovens. Some manufacturers, maybe Wolf, Gaggeneau, I'm not totally sure who, make cooktops with individual modules in which you can mix gas and induction hobs into an integrated cooktop. Just a thought.

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No worries. In reality, the cook space would probably be wider than 42" if you want to have some space between the two sets of burners, so it's probably a 48" hood.

Miele makes a modular range too. I don't like the Gagg's look but Wolf and Miele are options.

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The poor man's option is to get a portable induction unit and use it on top of one of the gas range burners (probably with a griddle top between them).

The big issue with that setup is how you can use the induction burner and the free gas burners at the same time. I'd be afraid of damaging the induction unit if things got too hot.

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Heat is not much of problem when combining a range with a small induction cooktop. With the induction burners inset into the countertop, they'll be below the level of the range top by an inch or so. Even,so, the heat from the gas burners is going to go upwards, so the induction units will be largely unaffected. You will be putting the induction burners onto a base cabinet, too, I'm guessing. The cabinet sides will shield the burners from the sides of the stove if they get hot when the oven is in use. The problem with induction and ovens is with ovens directly beneath the burners, not alongside.

As for using a portable induction unit alongside a gas stove, I have done that often enough to find that heat from the stove is not a problem. I've got a pro style AG stove with 15k burners. I can put my Max Burton 6200 portable right alongside -- literally, butting up against the top edge of the stove --- and have no problems with heat from the stove adversely affecting the induction unit.

But, the portable induction unit is probably not going to be satsifactory for what you want. Portable units are really just hot-plates with all the power limitations that implies. You mentioned wanting to boil water for pasta, etc. Most portable induction units are going to be as slow or slower than gas. (Entirely different story when it comes to using higher poewred built in cooktop units.) Most portable units also don't do low and slow very well, either. My experience with the portable units is that they get rather noisy, far more so and far more noticably (even annoying) than with 240v cooktop units.

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Not a mix but maybe the right look - at a price - Viking VSC 30" induction range. They have reduced the colors (available at a price too) but they are still handsome.

luv2putt on this forum got a Racing Red (not available anymore) one

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