Is there an abrasive granite cleaner I can use?

phish_gwSeptember 24, 2012

My kitchen counter gets the usual food stains and spills on it like meat juice, fruit juice, all kinds of food guts. And it is VERY hard to get it clean. It looks clean because of the granite pattern but you can feel the dried food guts if you rub your hand across it. I've tried all kinds of cleaners, I've tried soaking it first, ect.

I'm thinking I need something harsher, maybe something abrasive? It feels like I need something abrasive like softscrub or my facial cleanser I occasionally use that feels like cream with sand in it. Please help, I'm at my wits end!

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An abrasive cleaner will scratch the surface and ruin the granite.

I soak counter top with 50/50 mixture of water and alcohol for a few minutes, then use microfiber cloth to wash the counter. The microfiber cloth helps to remove dried food.

Best to clean counter good after each meal to prevent dried gunk. Wipe up juices, etc. as you go while preparing meals.

If you wait until time to wash dishes, food will be dried on the counter.

My son told me his granite counter had craters in it and was the reason it was not smooth. wet the counter and washed good and guess what, no more craters. It was dried food he was feeling.

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Try a green scotchbrite scrubbie followed by a microfiber cloth.

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I've been doing what krissie suggested for 10 years. Works for me :)

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I've used food grade diatomaceous earth mixed with a very mild soap (baby shampoo in my case) with a soft rag as an abrasive scrub for chrome, and it has not scratched the chrome. I suspect if it is safe enough for chrome, it is probably safe for stone- actually I use it on the chrome because the chrome is on stone, which is so intolerant of many cleaners. As with anything, you'd want to test an inconspicuous area first, but everything I've used it on so far has come out polished feeling and undamaged.

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Weiman's makes a cleaner for granite. I assume it would work just like their cleaner for glass cooktops. Basically wipe on and buff off. I know that their glass version is great for cutting soot from the window on the wood stove. If it's really stuck try using the straight edge of a plastic credit card. I actually use a straight edge razor for stuff that seems to be permanently attached. Haven't done damage to the stove, woodstove glass, or the granite. If you are not as daring soak in the cleaner and use a scrubby.

Possibly it's the type of granite, but I've never had a issue with scratching. I'm sure some are harder than others and I've been lucky in that regard.

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I've used many different types of granite cleaner but no matter what I use, it seems to leave a powdery/grainy type film on after it dries, I run my dry hands over the countertop and it feels dirty! Kind of dusty-like? Help!

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What type of granite do you have? We were told that alcohol will eat away at our sealer on our white diamond aka bianco antico granite. Its ok to use on our steel gray as it has no sealer.

Our WD does not feel smooth as some granites to I have warned the family, do not think its dirt and try to get it off, its just the surface of the stone. So again it will depend on your granite.

I also use Method granite cleaner sometimes just because I like the way the steel gray granite looks after using it.

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Spray with water, let it sit a minute, then use one of those plastic pan scrapers. They work great and won't harm your granite. I use them all the time on my copper counter with not harm - copper is way easier to scratch than granite.

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