Frigidaire Convertible Frig/Freezer FKCH17F7HW ?

jsfoxApril 30, 2013

About 8 years ago we moved our 1987 Kenmore frig to the garage when we remodeled our kitchen. It's served us extremely well but gave up the ghost last week. We keep our garage at about 32f - 34f in winter and I'd guess it spends considerable time around 100f in the summer. Whirlpool Gladiator was one option, but would have to be ordered, is expensive, and there seem to be a fair number of complaints that it doesn't defrost.

A couple of local stores have recommended getting two Frigidaire FKCH17F7H. These are convertible so either all frig or all freezer, thus why two of them (and my wife likes the idea of that much extra space), and only a bit more than the Gladiator. Has anyone used these? Good? Bad? Really stupid to buy?

I've avoided Frigidaire, but hoping maybe these won't be so bad?


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It's not rated for outside use, so it's not going to solve that issue.

What is the appeal of being able to convert it? What the heck are you going do with a large freezer full of frozen corn, pizza, meat, ect... when you want to "convert" it to chill drinks for that big backyard party ?

If you get a pair of them , you'll have 2x the electricity bill also.

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Thanks xedos. According to both stores they are rated down to 32f and up to 120f which would put my garage within range. Am I missing something?

I suppose for some people the ability to convert might be useful, I doubt that we'd ever do that so the convertible feature is kind of wasted on us, but these are the units that seem to work best in garages up here in the tundra.

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