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mirucaMay 14, 2013

Help, help, help... pls. I changed the master bath layout based on GW comments - but am now at the point the details need to be final as lights and plumbing going in! And I need to order cabinets, tub, shower pan.

Simply put, I vacilate on two things ... shower pan size and cabinet layout - so I'm coming back again for help in refining the details.

The tub is 72 x 36 and we don't want to change that - it still leaves play room to either increase the length of the shower and/or have shelves on the half wall near toilet.

I can't decide on shower pan size (walls will be tiled), what do you think?:
48 x 48
54 x 42
60 x 42 (do not want a 36" deep)

48 x 48

54 x 42

60 x 42

Next is the cabinet layout - so many things changed that when I revisited it ... it seemed that other options might be better. Basically trying to choose between a symmetrical layout and sizes of
drawers- sink- drawers- sink-drawers OR .Not

What do you think? I know my pro's and con's but am interested in yours.


Not Symmetrical

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I prefer the middle floorplan with the symmetrical vanity.

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I would go with the 60" shower as my first choice, but the 42" shower would give you more wiggle room on the tub size and deck. My shower is 48" wide and the shower heads are on the side wall so we stand in there like you would to shower. 48" is a nice length--not sure if I would like 42", but its do-able.

Symmetric vanity all day long with the base. Did you decide against linen towers, I guess? They would reduce the amount of drawers as it looks rather overloaded with drawers IMO. Have you done an elevation of what the current layout options would look like if you're standing at the shower looking toward the window? You may find you have way more empty wall space than you're comfortable with. Just my thoughts.

Hope this helps!

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54 x 42 shower with the symmetrical vanity

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Don't want to throw a monkey wrench in things, cuz I haven't completely followed your previous post... But, If I had the space you do, I would consider carrying the tub deck into the shower for a bench in shower with a glass wall above. Perhaps that is too expensive an option, or you have venting issues or something? But, I love that look, I think it is so luxurious and functional! So, having said that, are you planning on having any kind of bench/stool in your shower? For me, a priority is being able to shave my legs comfortably, so I would need space for some type of bench/stool. That would affect how long I made the shower...

Now, how deep are your vanities? Are you doing them 25" deep? Looks like your sink bases are quite wide, is there a reason you're putting so much space into those cupboards, and not into the drawer spaces? Would you like the wide drawers of your not-symmetrical vanity? I don't really think whether or not it's symmetrical will matter if there's a functional reason for the wider drawers. You'll be standing in front of the vanity, not a room away as drawn in your layout.

Keep in mind your door swing issues. Your shower door is still going to hit your BR door...

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I find 60 x 42 to be a very comfortable shower size, and it should still leave you at least 3' for the width of the toilet area.

I prefer the symmetrical vanity, but would choose different cabinet sizes. It looks like you have 15-36-21-36-15 (10'-3" total). I would rather have wider drawers, and the 2-door sink bases are not great for storage. I would prefer a 18-24" wide, single door sink base, with wider drawers. Maybe 21-24-33-24-21 or 27-21-27-21-27. If you want to stick with wider, double door sink cabinets, I would still shrink them to 30" or 33" and give the extra inches to the drawers.

It might be nice to have a 4-drawer base, either in the center or on the 2 sides, rather than all 3-drawer bases, since so many toiletries are small and shallow drawers make it easier to store and find small items.

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Great ideas - and I say to myself why didn't I think of those? Ha!

Yes- I like wider drawers and smaller sink base.

Yes - love the tub shelf into the shower - not sure we can do it financially though. We were sticking to a simple alcove tub. Worth checking out though.

Seems like the 54 x 42 or the 60 x 42 are the preferred shower size. At least the decision is down to two!!!!!

Fyi Vanities are 21" deep.


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Will you only have 1 shower head in your shower? 60x42 is very large for a single head shower. If you plan to put in at least 2 heads (hand shower, rain shower, or some other type, in addition to the normal one, I'd go for 60x42. Mine is 60x36 and if very comfortable for 1 person and comfortable for 2 people as (we have a standard head at one end, and a handshower on the other and a valve that operates both). So, I am certain 60x42 would be just huge if it was intended for only 1 person and one head.

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