Independent Hood with Modernaire blower

dave_3283April 3, 2012

I got a ridiculous deal on a pretty Independent hood (for obvious reasons) and am attempting to mate it up to a Modernaire blower as no Independent blower could be found. The issue is that the control on the hood is the type that uses three lines for low, medium, and high and seems to have relied on the blower unit to house ths controller. The Modernaire fans (there are two) have a simple power cord for simple on/off control.

It seems like I should be able to replace the control with a simple panel-mounted fan speed control, but I can't seem to find one of those. Any thoughts?

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Perhaps your new Independent Hood (Independent has just been bought by Prizer Painter Stove yes? aka, Blue Star) works via an "infinite switch" (low, medium, high). I am researching this type of switch for an old VR 1000 Thermador roof fan/blower which is my current set up.

I have yet to find a new hood which meshes with this switch type, although in passing have read some modern hoods work via infinite switch.

You may try calling Repair Clinic and asking if they have the simple panel-mounted fan speed control you are looking for.

Hopefully brickeyee, bmorepanic1, kaseki or other venting experts will stop by to help you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Electrical distributors as well as many hardware stores will stock standard motor controls. These will be continuous type with off transitioning to full on, then with additional cw turning, reduced power. This is the opposite of a lamp dimmer control.

Most fan motors will work with this type of control, so long as the control is rated for the power requirement of the motor.

If your hood's mounting hole for the control is the same size as the threaded part of a lamp dimmer, it should also accept a motor control of this type if there is room behind it for the control. Otherwise, you would need to mount the control in a receptacle box in a wall.

My Wolf hood (made by Independent) has a standard size control mounting hole, although the circuitry, instead of being in a module as for a wall control, is separated into components on a circuit board. This layout is better for component cooling when a large (1500 cfm rated) fan is being controlled.


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this might be a dumb questions and one you know the answer to already .... but does the Modernaire fan fit inside the Independent hood, as in will the bracket on the Modernaire hood work with the hood ?

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The motors fit pretty well with a little sheet metal modification. The Modernaire mounting plate (once removed from their box enclosure) is a little less wide than the opening in the mounting plate, but we were able to add some sheet metal and screws and tape and effectively close that up. The only real trouble we've had is just the stupid controls. I'll be heading to our local family-owned hardware store at lunch to see if they've got the motor contol. I'm optimistic about a working hood by tonight and an installed Capital Culinarian by the weekend!

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