Pro Style Range Cleaning Behind

Tom2013April 7, 2013

I have a question for Pro style range owners. I am in the market for a 36" range and I see that the weight of these ranges is about 500 pounds. Has anyone moved their range to clean the sides or back? I see that Capital has wheels on the back but it would still be difficult to move it forward without some kind of casters that could be placed under the front legs. I move my old range about every three years and it gets pretty filthy on the sides.

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Nope, what you can't see won't hurt you!

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Sure, I move mine regularly. But, then, mine is only a 30" range that is slightly over 300 lbs. (not 500 lbs.). It sits at the end of a run of counters, it is on hardwood-like laminate floor, and has furniture glides on the feet. I don't move it to clean the back of the stove, but, rather, to clean the stuff that can accumulate beneath and behind the stove.

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Plastic furniture slides like the appliance installers use would allow you to move the range out without too much difficulty, but I wouldn't want to do it unless I knew something really bad was under there.

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I have a 36" bluestar. I don't move it regularly by any means, but when it was being installed, we had to slide it in and back out at least a dozen times. I just removed all the cast iron burner grates, bowls etc along with all the oven racks. It lightened it substantially. It's still not something I'd do every week, but when you have to do it, it's possible.

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I ordered my Bluestar with casters in the rear, then I just put furniture slides on the fronts and it slides out...ez pz.

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Thanks for thr responses. It looks like furniture slides it will be.

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