What's wrong with Endust??

franci37September 10, 2007

I gave up on Pledge and all the others long ago but love Endust. Give me some info on it ladies? I'm always using all the good advice I read in this forum so I'd like to get your opinion on it. Thought it was safe for all furniture???

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I always thought Pledge and Endust were interchangeable. I spray either on the cloth, then dust with it. Am I wrong?

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If I remember correctly (IIRC), Pledge has silicone in it and Endust does not.

This is very important if you ever want to refinish or touch up your wood furniture, as silicone makes it almost impossible to get a good finish.

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Endust is grease....It's OK to perhaps spray on your cloth....but I threw it away when I found my cleaning lady was spraying it on my furniture....everything looked shiny....but was greasy to the touch.
Try a microfiber cloth. Holds the dust and puts nothing on your furniture.
Linda C

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Thanks for the info. I clean homes and just now started using microfiber cloths alone. I guess I got used to the shine but no one's complaining. Saves me $ now too.

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