I need to build a Christmas Tree

bleighJuly 19, 2012

This weekend!! I have a client that wants really large trees for her large back porch and those spiral trees that fold up just won't work (too small and blow over). We're meeting next Tuesday to discuss her Christmas plan (we start in October) and I'd like to construct a tree this weekend for her to see. I've got some ideas on how to do this, but wanted to see if any of you have done this before. I'm thinking I can make a really tall tomato cage or a teepee out of PVC, spray paint and then wrap garland and lights up the sides. I'll need to anchor in a large pot so these can't have too wide of a base. I would love to make the tallest tree around 7-8 ft. Any suggestions??

Also, did someone here make a large snowman at one time? If so, I would love to see a photo and, if possible, instruction on how you made it.

Thanks a bunch!!

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Hello :).
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who starts on all these projects long before Christmas is thought of. lol
I've made several of these in the past ...

Now they are made from wire clotheshangers and garland/lights but if I understand correctly , this is along the lines of what you want , just on a much taller scale?
I'm thinking you could use tomatoe cages for this same concept. Use probably 2-3 of them stacked on each other , using wire to hold them together and perhaps a scrap piece of wood in 2 places to seperate them and add stability.

Our super creative Candy is the one who made the big snowman. I sharked the idea from her and made one year before last ...

It's made from a 6 foot artificial Christmas tree, wire clothes hangers and quilt batting. Candys was a whole lot better than mine and though she's been busy lately, hopefully she'll stop by and share hers with you.

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I've gotten out all of my past Christmas magazines and books to sort through for ideas for the upcoming decorating season. This one client of mine has so much Christmas decor that it's now creeping into my thoughts the first day of spring. This will be my third year working for her and I hope to be able to really plan well this year and execute some great ideas.

That snowman was what I was thinking of. My client will love that for her back porch. She has a huge house and large back porch area that can be seen from the road. Really hope to make a nice statement for her this year.
Thanks for sharing your pic!!

Thanks also for your ideas on how to construct my trees. I'll have to pull out the tomato cages and see if I can find a way to stack them...

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Bleigh, you could also find a tree at a garage sale, and decorate it for outside with berries, pinecones, icicles, birds, and anything else with a woodland feel.

My snowman tree is decorated with those items.

I used wire clotheshangers to shape the snowman balls and thick batting wrapped and tucked to create the balls. There is also a string of clear lights inside the balls that blink on and off. I replaced the two lights behind what would be his cheeks with red bulbs, so when they blink, he has rosy cheeks. That won't photograph, : (

There is a little birdhouse popping out of his hat and some artificial birds.

The nose is a plastic carrot from a craft store.

The scarf is just a piece of fabric from the fabric store and the icicles are plastic. The arms are twigs from the backyard and anchored to the tree trunk inside the middle ball.

His boots are kids boots. He is actually standing on a 3 legged table that I cut down the legs and put the front 2 legs in the 2 boots, one each. Then I put more batting under the tree to hide the 3rd leg. There is also a piece of batting and a piece of garland wrapped around the edge of the table to hide it.

Hope this helps, but if not, feel free to ask any questions you need answered.


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Thanks, Candy!! I'm going to have to make one of these this year. He's just too cute. Such a great idea.

So, that's just batting on the outside? Did you hot glue the buttons and carrot?

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Bleigh, no new ideas for you, sorry. Hope you will share what you come up with for all of us to enjoy. Your trees are always beautiful so can't imagine anything less.

The snowman trees are adorable and would make anyone smile in my opinion.


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ThaT SNOWMAN tree is just adorable!!

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I'm still trying to figure out that adorable snowman. did you actually use part of an artificial tree, or just decorate him with garland?

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Sorry, I have been out of town for a week, so late in responding.
I actually sewed on the buttons and the carrot had some greenery attached that I stuck through the batting and wired to the tree trunk.

The batting is the thick batting, almost 1" thick and I used an artificial tree. The rings holding the branches were stapled to the trunk, so I pulled the staples and dropped every other branch onto the one below, creating a double branch and a void where the branch was that I then used the wire clotheshangers to shape the balls, attaching the ends to the tree trunk and then shaping the batting around it.

The tree was prelit and I strung another clear strand inside the balls and used a flashing bulb, so his insides blink on and off. The 2 bulbs inside the head where his cheeks would be are red bulbs, so he has rosy cheeks when the lights blink on.

I made him in 1993 and just store him in a tree bag in the basement during the year. He is also standing on a 3 legged table with the legs sawed short and the front 2 legs are in little kids snow boots. I do use a garland wrapped around to fill in the gap between the tree and the table top, with another piece of batting wrapped around the table edge under the garland.

He was featured on the Angelo Surmelis 25 Decorating Ideas Show a few years ago.

Thanks and hope this helps,

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bleigh, I thought I'd take this opportunity to post the link to our Forum's Christmas Inspiration albums. It opens on the Trees, and then there are multiple sub albums for things like mantels, nativities, villages, etc.

I'm fixing to do reminders on our Fall ones in a bit.
hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: our Christmas Inspiration Albums

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