Microwave Help!

NanaDeb50September 4, 2011

My microwave has gotten really dirty, due to a mishap with a bowl of chili. Anybody got any good tips for cleaning it?

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Fill a bowl with water, microwave it for about 15 minutes on high. The steam will loosten the chili and you can wipe it away with paper towels.

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Be careful when heating plain water in the microwave.

Superheating can occur. http://www.animations.physics.unsw.edu.au/jw/superheating.htm

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Yes, do be careful . Use a glass or microwave safe bowl, fill it less than halfway and be careful of steam when opening the door. Wait a minute or two before you start wiping it with paper towels. The steam will not disappear if ypu wait a bit, gives it time to loosen the chili gunk.

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