Kitchenaid Dishwasher Model Changeover?

Chas1April 3, 2013

Was looking at KA diswashers, and all the current and recently discontinued models have an X in the designation indicating a model series.

I have seen a printout of what appears to be a new B series.

In particular, the KUDE20FXSS is a current model.
I have seen a printout of a KUDE20FBSS, which is supposed to be a new series, but no info as to what, if anything is different.

There is some indication that the B series no longer has a left side vent. Anyone have info on this?


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hopefully they've figured out how to keep a significant number of them from catching on fire and leaking water.

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I have looked at this model, and I like that it does have the third rack, but it does have the vent in the door. When asking if the steam comes out the vent (which would probably be bad for the attached cabinets), I get conflicting answers. Does anyone know? Has anyone had a problem with this dishwasher... leaking, wheels coming off, or if it actually cleans well? I have read that normal wash could be around 4 hours! I am also looking at a Bosch with a third rack and under $1,000. When asking an appliance repairman, he said if there were problems, it would cost twice as much to repair vs Kitchenaid. Please help....thanks!

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your repairman unfortunately doesn't know what he's talking about when he says it would cost twice as much to fix a Bosch. The parts price for both is basically equal. The Bosch does have a full base but the repair time is maybe only 10% longer than on the KA. Also we notice that we don't do very many repairs with Bosch even though we sell alot of them.

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Thanks jakvis! I do like the 800 series of Bosch...the lower basket seems to be a little bigger. The salesman at our local, family owned, appliance store must be trying to push the KA, because he said that the Bosch racks were flimsy.

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