Cleaning white tile

kitchentimeSeptember 8, 2009


I need to clean a white tile floor. It needs DEEP cleaning. Can anyone tell me what type of cleaner works best on a neglected floor???


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It would help to know what kind of dirt is on the floor and what room it's in. It would be easier to understand what kind of stains you are dealing with or is it grease or ??? The possibilities are endless.

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peanutmom. It is in indoor outdoor type room, so mostly crossthrough traffic (shoe) stains. No grease. Thanks. I always used in the past straight water in the past. After waiting a full summer it isn't cutting it at all. Thanks.

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I have white tile flooring in our master bath, but I'm not sure what you mean about "deep" cleaning. If the tile is sealed, the dirt shouldn't be too deep. If it hasn't been sealed (as mine can't be), try using a strong solution of water and vinegar -- you can add alcohol as well. The very best thing I've used on really dirty floors (I got the job of cleaning up my husband's family home) is water and Charlie's liquid soap. You'll have to rinse (maybe more than once to get the dirty water up). After the floor is clean -- keep it clean with the vinegar/water solution.

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When I moved into my home I had a "fun time" cleaning my white tile kitchen floor. I had to scrape the "goop" off of it with a putty knife first. This sounds overly simplistic, but dish detergent with bleach and a good rinsing did most of it and after rinsing once, I did a final rinsing a few hours later with vinegar. I know everyone reminds everyone about not mixing cleaners, I didn't want to run the risk of mixing bleach and vinegar even on the floor so that's why I rinsed and then used a vinegar rinse. I works well on sealed tile to bring back the shine and seems to remove the yellow tint on unsealed tile. A win/win situation if I ever heard one! I hope this gives you some ideas and please let us know what you end up using that works. I love hearing new ideas, too.

Happy scrubbing!

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