Best way to remove disintegrated foam insulation?

Mia_September 2, 2012

I had placed some foam insulation (bought at Home Depot) in between the gap of my window in the open position with the installation of my window AC, and now all of that foam has disintegrated to the point that if it is touched, it turns to dust-like particles and is really messy and gets in the air. I need to remove this disintegrated foam, but I would like advice as to what is the best way to remove it without making a huge mess in my bedroom. I'm not so sure that it would be a good idea to vacuum the foam up with my household vacuum cleaner, and I don't own a shop vac. Does anyone know if it is a hazard to breathe these disintegrated foam particles? I also want to get that AC unit out of the window so that I can do a thorough cleaning in the window where lots of spider webs have formed. I'm not fond of spiders.

Thanks for any advice.

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I would use a putty knife and scrape it off. I suspect that you will have more of a problem getting off the glue holding the foam down. Is the window made of wood or metal? Is it painted?

Mineral spirits might take off the remaining glue - pour some on a rag and rub it. But you have to do this gently because it may also take off the paint.

It's not good to breathe in foreign particles, but I do this kind of stuff all the time and am still alive and breathing.

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The foam that is disintegrated is pressed into a horizontal gap between the upper and lower window sashes. There is no glue/adhesive. I had cut the insulating foam to proper width and pushed it between the gap in the window sashes, since the lower sash had to be raised for the installation of the AC (and a gap was created). So all of the foam disintegrates into dust-like particles when touched lightly. I have to find a way to get all of that foam out of there without making a huge mess.

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