Blue Star Promo Pricing through June

jwvideoApril 20, 2013

Blue Star ranges apparently will be on offer for discounted/promo prices through mid-June. The 30" RCS model is $3k and the 36" model is $3800. Plain steel 30" RNBs are.also $3800. Near as I could tell, the usual RNB pricing applies if you want it painted.

Stumbled across this info today at a showroom where a friend had hauled me. She brought me along to help her check out stoves for her up-coming kitchen redo. She thinks I speak stove and also believes that all guys inherently know how to haggle with dealers. (It says here,)

Anyway, thought this might be of interest to any GWers looking to buy a Blue Star in the near future.

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I was at Caplans today (Weston location Canada) and I saw 30'' RCS for $2500, they had some promotion tags on the stove.
Surprising the price was better than the promotional price in US.

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Sorta surprising and sorta not.

Is that $2500 a delivered price?

Costco Canada has had ithe RCS for $2400 ($CN) for quite some time. Near as I can tell, the Canadian price, with tax, nets out at around $2700 with tax. (Costco US has been offering the NXR, instead, which currently is $1999 delivered, plus tax where applicable.) The US price from delaers for the RCS has been $3500+ and folks on this side of the border have been trying to figure out how to buy one from Costco-CA and get it back across the border. (There is a current hread on this.) Figure in the cost of a freight forwarder and the other hassles, and the US promo looks like a comparable deal, .

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Anyone know if there are promos on the rangetops? I'm planning to go to a store this Tuesday for a demo and perhaps place an order for a 36" 6-burner. I need to order it some time this week. I've been quoted $3278 which is the msrp but that was a few weeks ago with no promo pricing included.

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