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KircookApril 12, 2013

If you own a Wolf range with a grill, do you use it?

We liked the idea of having a grill on our range so we could grill inside. But, I am afraid it will be too smokey and too messy.

I have looked at a number of grills and felt that most will be way too messy. The Viking range grill would be a horrible clean up job.

The Wolf range appears to have the best designed grill. It is mostly a closed system with very little to clean up. And it has the IR burner to burn off fat. But, you will sill have that the grill grate to clean and some other items inside. With a grill, you are purposely dripping fat into your $10,000 oven. The grease has got to get all over the inside of the grill.

So, how hard is the Wolf grill to clean? Does grease get all over the place. To have little nooks where you just can't clean? Do you have to clean after each use?

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I am looking at the Wolf all gas double oven with either the grill or the 8 burners. I really wanted the 4 burners with the French cooktop but Wolf doesn't offer those anymore.
Having owned a Viking all gas double oven with the grill It was a waste of space for me. It is way more clean up and disgusting grease than you would imagine. I hated pulling that tray out and seeing all that grease. I also found it a wee bit uneven. The best job it did was pancakes if you have lots to make.
It did make us really aware of how much fat was in food and I guess tossing on a veggies was ok. It was the cleaning that finally got to me. It is easier to pour grease and fat into a can for disposal from a pan and it is easier to wash a pan than that tray and grill.
I found the grill to be more of a hassel than a joy to cook on.

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Have had Wolf range with IR grill for 9 years. Looked and cooked on Wolf and Viking when designing our kitchen. I don't know how much designs have changed since then (Wolf won hands down). Like the Wolf better than gas Weber on deck. It is so hot that it has a learning curve but (regardless of what posters who actually don't own one will mistakenly report) you can regulate the heat with the "blank off" plate. We use it mostly in inclement weather and late night laziness. We do rare steaks, fish chicken, apps and veggies. You'll need good ventilation, especially a hood with a large capture area as the "plume" expands, but have a good consult on the hood because the blanket advice of how you'll need 1200CFM and massive ventilation was not necessary in our case due to config and room design (we're at 600 CFM VH which is adequate). We have the high riser shelf for hood heat lamps and the shelf distorts the plume a bit. Cleaning depends on what you cook, about 15 minutes of a little scrubbing, the key parts disassemble and fit in sink. Don't clean if after every use, but pretty close. There also some tricks that help here too. You won't be dripping any fat into the oven and panbroiling makes a larger mess than the grill. If you are very concerned about how it looks, it's covered with a SS top, but the whole range will never look like it did the day after it's installed. Hey, it's a tool. Have been looking at other ranges for a new house and an IR grill has become a real issue over Bluestar and Culinarian choices regardless of their better burners. I like the grill.

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