Bath fixtures

LindaMay 2, 2014

I have started looking for bath light fixtures for my remodel. So far, I have only looked at Lowe's, HD, and Menards and everything looks the same. Any thoughts on where to look?


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Yes. Amazon. At the very least it can be used as a source of "inspiration" pictures to bring with you when shopping the hot-tedious-drive-everywhere-all-day way.

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Faucets or lighting?

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I would look at a specific lighting store.
Lamps Plus
Light Bulbs Etc


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I just ordered a light for over my vanity from a local store. I did all my searching online, mostly Lamps Plus, and got a few candidates I liked. I visited my local lighting shop and found both of them on display, which helps a lot. They look a lot bigger in person than they do in the little online images.

I figured, oh, I can probably get a better deal online. Wrong! All the places carry the light I chose (Hinkley Avon 5-light), and they are all the same price as my retail store. Kinda like my Nespresso machine. :)

I also visited my nearest Lamps Plus store and was underwhelmed by their bathroom light selection. The store was huge and packed with lights, but the bathroom stuff was either super contemporary or traditional stuff you see in Lowe's or HD.

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I had a similar experience with my two bathroom light fixtures, comparing a couple of online sources and a local lighting store. The gal at the lighting store told me she'd give me "contractor pricing" (wink, wink) and I thought, yeah, right. When I added it all up, however, the local store was ten bucks more, even with the ridiculous local sales tax. I figured personalized service was worth the 10 bucks so went with them. Am glad I did. One of the fixtures had a defect and there was less hassle with them taking it back and ordering another one.

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I found some lighting I really liked at the more expensive online stores and then did comparison shopping. Found very similar if not the same stuff at Amazon/Overstock.

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Dreaming, I don't think I saved anything shopping locally (8.75% sales tax in my town), and I still had to pay freight to their store. But the difference isn't significant and I like the idea of a short drive across town if anything is broken or otherwise defective.

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You might try Shop around and they'll match pricing. Usually free shipping. I've had a couple of broken glass incidents (out of over 30 fixtures), and they've replaced immediately. We're on the east coast, on a couple of occasions I've had items delivered next day.

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I have had great success with AmazonPrime and Wayfair. Great prices and items are as described on website. Just received a Vaxcel swing arm light fixture for the downstairs bathroom from Amazon. I'll be helping my husband put that in this weekend. NancyLouise

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I've scored some great deals on Bellacor's clearance section. Once, one of the shades had some finish scraped off and the sent out a replacement immediately, no charge and didn't want the damaged one back! Then, I realized that the swivel was a different design from it's twin. They sent me the replacement for that, as well.

I like Amazon's warehouse, too. Got my valves for MUCH less than other sites.

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Try to Bellacor website: They have tons of fixtures from different manufacturers, and you can set your own search criteria and save your possibilities. We've ordered items from them before.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bellacor

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I am not sure if you are asking where to purchase your light fixtures or where to look in order to narrow your selection. So forgive me if this post doesn't answer your question. I just went through selecting lighting for a new build and I found the bathroom to be the most difficult. I found that if I looked at lighting websites, it just took too long to find something I liked and I was kind of lost as to the style I wanted. And yes, everything looked the same and sort of boring.

Thanks to the great people here on GW I learned that a 100w bulb with a dimmer is best for sconce lighting (I am basing everything on incandescent and then adjusting for other bulb types), that an up-light will develop dust accumulation on the bulb resulting in more extensive cleaning (rather than just dusting the shade) and that sconces on the sides of the mirror with recessed lighting over the sink/mirror provides great lighting.

Armed with that info, I did a search on Houzz for bathroom sconces, and then just started saving everything I liked into my bathroom idea book. Then I looked at each picture to see if there was a trend in my selections and what it was that I liked about each picture. By accident I ended up finding a "inspiration picture" that both DH and I liked (bonus). From there I was able to breeze through the lighting sites and quickly select potential lights that I thought would work for us. After doing the Houzz exercise I actually saw sconces differently and was able to quickly determine what would work and what wouldn't. The exercise took some time but in the end, I think it saved time and certainly made me less crazed. I hope this helps and if I totally missed your question, at least I am bumping your post!

By the way, you can go on the Ferguson website under "homeowner" then to "shop on line" to search for bathroom lighting. I don't work for them and you don't need to purchase from them - just another place to get overwhelmed with light fixtures. ;) Good luck!

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