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maximavswifeJuly 2, 2011

The installers arrived at 9:30 am Monday morning and their work was done at about 6:30 Wednesday evening. 3 full days of noise and dust and mess but I could not be happier with the results. I see a lot of dusting in my future the next few weeks. We still have some furniture to move back into place and I am on the hunt for a buffet. I can hardly wait to begin doing tablescapes in our new dining room and be able to leave them up to enjoy!

Furniture stuffed into the kitchen area

DH removing the toilet from the powder room


Upstairs hallway

Family room

Work has begun

I see progress

DH's office

Entryway done

Family room done (sorry so dark)

Dining room done

Dining room set up. LOVE!

View from the kitchen

Candy shot


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Marlene Kindred

WOOHOOO for you! Your new floors look BEAUTIFUL! Love the color of the wood and so versatile! Your dining room looks amazing! I know you've been doing a happy dance for sure!

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WooooHooo!! I'm echoing Marlene.. I'm so happy for you.
What an amazing transformation and great color choice for the floors. Your dining room set looks wonderful and looks so happy in it's new space and is now just waiting for the additon of a new hutch!
I've gone through many major renovations, and I know how hard it is going through such a mess with everything all over, and the dust everywhere, but when
everything is cleaned and put into place...it's so worth it.
Now all you have to do is enjoy..and Happy Tablescaping!


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Kath, it looks beautiful. I am very happy for you and know you will enjoy it. Thank you for sharing.


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Whoo-hoooo...(it's traveling across the country, Maxi!) Am so excited for you & to see all your great pics! WOW...love it, love it, love it! The color is great & your dining room is BEAUTIFUL! Your dining set looks so lovely on the new floor! The area rug, too...looks so pretty on that floor! Wow...3 days, uh? Looks like everyone did a great job...you & DH w/prep work & the floor carpenters! TFS! ...hope you find the 'perfect' hutch! Lookin' forward to your t'scapes! Jeanne S.

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Kath, Your new floors are beautiful! Getting that much work done in 3 days is great. I love your dinning room set, it is perfect with the wall color, area rug and new floor.
I'm anxious to see your first tablescape in your new room.
Have fun on the hunt for a buffet!!

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Hip hip Hooray! Know you are so pleased now that it is done! It looks beautiful, enjoy. Luvs

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Kath, looks beautiful and I'm excited to see more ts from you. Do you have any energy left to shop for a buffet after all this work? Alot of work for sure but the results are stunning!


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Kath, it looks great!! I'm sure you are glad to have the mess over with and now you can just enjoy the decorating!!

The dining room set looks fabulous, and I really love those side chairs in the corners.

Have fun hunting for your hutch/buffet and looking forward to your future tablescapes.


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What I love, love even more in this room (besides your new floors, maxi) is there is 'no clutter'...it's just simple, downright beautiful...the prints on the wall, the side chairs, the lamp, the area rug & esp your table/chairs! (even the vase of flowers centered on the dining table) Gorgeous! Just needed to add that after looking at your pics again! Jeanne S.

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Beautiful! Enjoy all your hard work! Jan

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Well, you had me really inspired to go ahead and have mine done...till you mentioned DUST. LOL.

Seriously tho, those floors are gorgeous and looking at them makes me think I wouldn't miss carpeting as much as I was afraid I would. I bet you are so happy with how things look! (except for the dust. Want to borrow Harry and Ethel? They'd love it.)

hugs, Karen

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They're WONDERFUL! I can just feel your happiness through the computer.

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Great room. One suggestion would be a larger rug under the table.

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Congratulations! Enjoy it! It looks great!

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